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The story theoretically begins in 1949 when the pharmacist Gertrud Moesgen continued to run what was then the Sonnen Apotheke in Weeze and finally took over.

However, it quickly became clear that the premises no longer met the needs of the pharmacies at the time, so the municipality of Weeze made an old teacher's apartment available for sale and in 1962 Ms. Moesgen built the Sonnen Apotheke at Kevelaerer Strasse 28.

After the preliminary examination in 1970, the prospective pharmacist and nephew of Mrs. Gertrud Moesgen began to work in the Sonnen Apotheke.

In 1973, Mr. Richard Moesgen began his pharmacy studies in Marburg and completed them in May 1977 with a license to practice as a pharmacist. After completing his studies, the pharmacist Richard Moesgen worked for 2 years in the Sonnen Apotheke and then founded the Cyriakus Apotheke on Wasserstrasse 2 in October 1979.

The Cyriakus pharmacy was founded on October 29, 1979 by the pharmacist Richard Moesgen. It received its name from the local saint Cyriacus (a deacon, † around 305 as a martyr during the persecution of Christians in Rome) after whom the local parish is named. Before it was founded, the premises on the corner of Wasserstraße and Geizefurth in Weeze housed the Feddema bakery and, for a short time, the Volksbank.

At that time, the Cyriakus pharmacy was the 3rd pharmacy in Weeze, next to the Sonnen pharmacy on Kevelaerer Straße and the Glocken pharmacy on the church square.

The pharmacy quickly established itself on the very central corner in Weeze. Further training for the staff and the pharmacy manager to become a pharmacist for commercial pharmacies" increased the constantly increasing quality demands on a pharmacy.

When the Sonnen Apotheke was closed in 2003 after the death of its owner, Mrs Gertrud Moesgen, the number of Weezer pharmacies was reduced to two.

After an initial renovation in 2004, the premises of the pharmacy were modernized again in 2015, so that 5 cash desks are now available, which enable discreet advice. The laboratory was also expanded and expanded so that the growing demands for drug testing and recipe production can also be met here.

From January 1st, 2019, the sole proprietorship Cyriakus Apotheke became Cyriakus Apotheke oHG with the pharmacist Sandra Sauter, who has been employed since 1997 and completed her studies in Bonn in 1997 with her license to practice medicine.

In June 2021, unfortunately, the Glocken Apotheke also had to close after more than 50 years due to a lack of successors, so that the Cyriakus Apotheke has been the only pharmacy in Weeze ever since. In order to meet this requirement, we have again invested in both personnel and equipment. Since September 2022, a picking machine has ensured that the goods are stored and retrieved faster.

In April 2023, the Cyriakus pharmacy received official permission to ship medicines.

From here begins the story of cyriapo.de!

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