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ACC acute 600 effervescent tablets - loosens mucus and makes coughing up easier

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ACC® acute 600 mg: Loosens mucus and makes it easier to cough up

Coughing is a particularly annoying symptom of a cold that you want to get rid of quickly, because difficult coughing up and blocked mucus can quickly restrict everyday life. How good that there is ACC®, Germany's No. 1 cough reliever 1 . ACC® acute 600 mg helps by loosening mucus, making it easier to cough up and thus clearing the bronchi. ACC® acute 600 mg has a decisive advantage: The quickly dissolving and well-tolerated ACC® effervescent tablets are only taken once a day!

How does a cough occur and how can ACC® acute 600 mg help?

In most cases, coughing is caused by viruses that penetrate the respiratory tract and cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. The inflammation of the mucous membrane causes increased viscous mucus to form. This causes the lungs' self-cleaning mechanism to stall. The mucus can no longer be removed properly and persistent coughs often occur: Acetylcysteine ​​- the active ingredient in ACC® acute 600 mg cough remover - supports this natural self-healing process by liquefying the tough, stuck-on mucus with the cough remover. The more liquid mucus can be coughed up more easily, clearing the bronchi. The body's defense processes also try to fight the viruses. This leads to the respiratory tract being flooded with so-called free radicals (so-called oxidative stress). This leads to excessive mucus production in the bronchi.

Thanks to its dual antioxidant properties, ACC® fights free radicals in two ways: as an antioxidant, acetylcysteine ​​directly neutralizes free radicals. But ACC® can do even more: The active ingredient is also converted into an endogenous antioxidant and thus also indirectly contributes to the fight against free radicals. This double antioxidant property regulates further mucus production and makes coughing up easier. The cough can now better fulfill its useful function: to clean the airways and thus free the bronchi

Cough? Trust the cough expert ACC®

  • Loosens mucus, makes it easier to cough up and thus clears the bronchi
  • ACC® – Germany's no. 1 cough reliever 1
  • ACC® acute 600mg:
    – With delicious blackberry flavor
     Only 1 effervescent tablet a day!

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ACC acute 600 effervescent tablets - loosens mucus and makes coughing up easier

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