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ACC direct 600 mg oral powder

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For information about risks and side effects, please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist
ACC direct 600 mg oral powder in a sachet

Our cough solver ACC directly

When you have a cold, a thick mucus often forms in the bronchi after a few days and is difficult to cough up. ACC direct 600 mg is a cough reliever that, thanks to its proven active ingredient acetylcysteine, not only loosens stubborn mucus in diseases of the respiratory tract, but also makes it easier to cough up. Due to the high dosage of 600 mg acetylcysteine, only one dose per day is necessary. The powder with a fruity blackberry flavor stimulates the flow of saliva and can be easily swallowed - simply without water.

ACC direct 600 mg is therefore particularly practical for on the go and when traveling.

Dissolves the slime

The active ingredient acetylcysteine ​​contained in ACC direct 600 mg has been used successfully in the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis for decades due to its expectorant properties. The effect of the ingredient is not just limited to breaking down the viscous mucus in the respiratory tract and removing it by making it easier to cough up.

Handy for on the go
- Easy to take without water
- Dissolves the slime
- Facilitates expectoration

ACC direct 600 mg is suitable for adults aged 18 and over. Unless otherwise prescribed, 1 sachet of the powder is taken once a day by placing the contents directly on the tongue. The powder stimulates the flow of saliva and can therefore be easily taken without water. Do not chew the powder before swallowing. For older and weakened patients with a limited cough reflex, it is recommended to take ACC directly 600 mg in the morning.
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ingredients / ingredients

ACC direct 600 mg oral powder in sachet

Cough? Trust the cough expert ACC®

  • Loosens the mucus, makes it easier
  • Cough and free the bronchi
  • ACC® – Germany's no. 1 cough reliever 1
  • ACC® direct 600 mg:
    – With delicious blackberry flavor
     Take without water!

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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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ACC direct 600 mg oral powder

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