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ACICLOSTAD cream against cold sores

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Aciclostad® against cold sores: herpes? No problem for you!

The itching, tingling and pain of the lip is usually accompanied by the development of annoying and unsightly cold sores. We're talking about herpes. Herpes lips are embarrassing and unaesthetic for the majority of people, but according to the Robert Koch Institute, 85 percent of people are affected by the herpes simplex virus type 1. But the outbreak of the disease depends heavily on the immune system of the individual. Aciclostad ® against cold sores inhibits the proliferation of viruses and relieves itching and pain. This is how you can treat your cold sore quickly and easily, for beautiful, blister-free lips.

Herpes as a sign of more peace and relaxation

You don't have to be ashamed of cold sores. Most people can't help it if they get it, since the virus is usually transmitted within the family at an early age. The pathogen then remains hidden and is activated as soon as the immune system weakens. Reasons for this can include illnesses such as colds and flu, as well as stress and overwork. Women are particularly vulnerable during menstruation or pregnancy due to hormonal changes. So herpes is a good signal to give the body some rest and strengthen the immune system. The active ingredient aciclovir in Aciclostad ® against cold sores has an antiviral effect against the herpes viruses. In this way, you actively support the healing of herpes and accelerate the process.

Benefits of Aciclostad ® against cold sores

  • antiviral effect against all herpes viruses
  • relieves itching and pain
  • simple local application
  • well tolerated

Application of Aciclostad ® against cold sores

You should apply the cream thinly to the affected skin areas 5 times a day, 4 hours apart during the day. Apply Aciclostad® using a cotton swab, smearing it with an amount necessary for the size of the affected skin area. When applying, you should make sure that you not only cover the already visible signs of herpes (bubbles, swelling, redness) with the cream, but that you also include adjacent areas in the treatment. If you apply it by hand, you should clean it thoroughly before and afterwards to prevent additional infection of the damaged skin area (e.g. by bacteria) or transmission of the virus to mucous membrane and skin areas that are not yet infected. However, a treatment period of 10 days should not be exceeded.

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ACICLOSTAD cream against cold sores

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