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Apoday Zinc Elderberry + Vitamin C Powder (10X10 g)

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The plus for the day

apoday Zinc Elderberry is a drink from WEPA Apothekerbedarf GmbH&Co. KG.

apoday Zinc Elderberry – For daily nutrition with an increased need for vitamin C

Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, apoday Zinc Elderberry should be used once a day.

Recommended consumption:
Pour 150-200 ml of hot, no longer boiling water into a glass or cup once a day and stir in the contents of the bag.
It is best to store the drink in a dry place, protected from light. The storage temperature should be cool.

Information about ingredients and allergens
The product contains:
  •  Sugar (substances)

    More information:
    The product is:
  •  Suitable for a vegan lifestyle
  • PZN: 17438870

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    For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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    Apoday Zinc Elderberry + Vitamin C Powder (10X10 g)

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