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ASPIRIN COMPLEX bag with granules - for colds, headaches, sore throats and body aches as well as fever

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  • Aspirin® COMPLEX – full of life despite a cold
    Colds, headaches, sore throats, body aches and fever are annoying - especially if you can't afford to stay in bed for long. With Aspirin® COMPLEX you can get a grip on unpleasant cold symptoms quickly and be active despite a cold.

    The advantages at a glance

    • rapid effect development by prior dissolving in water
    • alleviates symptoms (cold with pain and fever) that typically occur with a cold
    • relieves nasal congestion and sinus congestion
    • works for up to six hours
    • well tolerated

    Complex mode of action of Aspirin® COMPLEX
    The acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) contained in Aspirin® COMPLEX has an antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The active substance ASA inhibits the formation of the so-called prostaglandins.

    These are the body's own messenger substances that are responsible for increased sensitivity of the pain receptors in the body. Aspirin® COMPLEX thereby relieves pain during colds and alleviates inflammatory reactions.

    Another active ingredient in Aspirin® COMPLEX is pseudoephedrine, which primarily has vasoconstrictive properties. As a result, it reduces the swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose - the blocked nose and even the paranasal sinuses can be freed.

    Conclusion: With Aspirin® COMPLEX, the combination of these two active ingredients will quickly get the typical cold symptoms under control – runny nose, pain and fever.

    Aspirin® COMPLEX : Combined preparation against several cold symptoms
    As a combination preparation, Aspirin® COMPLEX not only helps against one complaint, but also against several symptoms that can occur as part of a cold.

    Due to the composition of the two active ingredients, Aspirin® COMPLEX can not only relieve pain (such as headache, sore throat and body aches) and lower fever, but also combat symptoms such as a cold and a blocked nose or sinuses.

    When taken as granules that are dissolved in water, Aspirin® COMPLEX is quickly effective - and will quickly get you fit again.

    Instructions for using Aspirin® COMPLEX
    Aspirin® COMPLEX is a granulate that you should take as follows: Pour the contents of one or two sachets of Aspirin® COMPLEX into a glass and stir well. Then drink the entire glass immediately.

    The recommended dose for adults and adolescents (16 years and older) is:

    • Single dose: 1-2 sachets
    • Total daily dose: up to 6 sachets

    If you have severe symptoms, you can use two bags of granules at the same time. If the symptoms do not improve, you can repeat the dose at intervals of 4-8 hours.

    Important for diabetes patients: Aspirin® COMPLEX contains 2 grams of sucrose per sachet.

    Mandatory text
    Aspirin® COMPLEX
    Active ingredients: acetylsalicylic acid and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride

    Application areas:
    For the symptomatic treatment of swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses in the event of a cold (rhinosinusitis) with pain and fever in the context of a cold or flu-like infection.

    Do not take this medicine for more than 3 days without medical advice. Contains 2g sucrose (sugar) per sachet. Please note leaflet!

    For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany

PZN: 04114918

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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ASPIRIN COMPLEX bag with granules - for colds, headaches, sore throats and body aches as well as fever

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