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AVENE Antirougeurs Fort Intensive Care Cream - 30ml

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Avène Antirougeurs FORT

  • Intensive care for visible and dilated veins
  • Care of redness in the form of couperose
  • Visible reduction in vascular dilation on the face
  • Intensively decongestant and skin-relaxing
  • For sensitive skin prone to redness

The Avène Antirougeurs FORT intensive care cream works specifically against redness in the form of visible and enlarged veins and inflammatory processes associated with redness and couperose. The intensive care is particularly suitable for all types of sensitive skin that tends to redness and for maintaining the success of treatment following medicinal rosacea therapy with metronidazole.


Sensitive skin that tends to redness is usually accompanied by feelings of tension and heat. In addition, she reacts quickly and excessively to cold, wind, temperature changes, improper care or too spicy food and alcohol. The resulting temporary or permanent reddening of the skin, which can turn into papules and pustules, is usually very unpleasant and annoying for those affected. That is why sensitive skin, which tends to redness locally or over a large area, requires very special care.

Product advantages:

The Antirougeurs FORT intensive care cream reduces visible vascular dilatations and veins on the face. The vessel walls and the connective tissue are stabilized and renewed congestion in the capillaries and thus the recurrence of redness is avoided. Antirougeurs FORT has a targeted effect on the skin tissue and thereby relieves the feeling of tension and heat. In addition, the thin facial skin, which is prone to redness, is strengthened and its natural resistance increased. The intensive care has an intensive decongestant and skin-relaxing effect. After just one month of use, an improved complexion can be seen*. The cream has a pleasantly velvety-soft texture and is suitable for local use and all over the face.

Active ingredients of the product:

Antirougeurs FORT consists of an active ingredient complex. Intensive care involves a high proportion of Ruscus. The highly dosed active ruscus extract has a vascular strengthening, strong decongestant and skin-soothing effect. The targeted effect is optimally supplemented by HMC from bioflavonoids and dextran sulfate. These reduce existing redness and have a decongestant and vascular-protecting effect.


Apply the Antirougeurs FORT intensive care once a day, preferably in the evening, to the face or the affected areas of the skin (e.g. cheeks and nostrils).


Avène Antirougeurs care series

The Avene Antirougeurs care series Reduces redness, moisturizes and prevents new formation. Antirougeurs caters to the special needs of sensitive and reddened skin with its various care products.

* Efficacy clinical study in 68 participants with rosacea type 1; 1x application daily in the evening for 3 months

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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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AVENE Antirougeurs Fort Intensive Care Cream - 30ml

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