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AVENE soothing eye cream New - 10 ml

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  • Has a calming effect
  • Reduces swelling and redness
  • Reduces feelings of tension

The Avène Soothing Eye Cream is a mild care for the sensitive eye area.


The skin around the eye area is particularly sensitive because it is extremely thin and has few sebaceous and sweat glands that can protect it from drying out. It responds to even the slightest stress. External influences such as wind, smoke, air pollution or even allergies can irritate the eyelids. In addition, daily use of eye makeup can cause redness and puffiness in the eye area. That's why it's important to take particularly gentle care of the skin in the eye contour area.

Product advantages

The Soothing Eye Cream has been specially developed for the sensitive eye area. The irritation-relieving, moisturizing and decongestant active ingredients reduce swelling and redness in the eye area. Feelings of tension are noticeably and immediately reduced and the sensitive skin around the eyes is soft and supple again. The soothing eye cream can also be used for irritated, red eyelids caused by contact dermatitis, allergies or eyelid edema.


Active ingredients and mode of action of the product

The very high content of Avène thermal water in the Soothing Eye Cream has a skin-soothing, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. Alpha bisabolol supports the anti-inflammatory effect of the thermal water and dextran sulfate reduces swelling.

The hyaluronic acid it contains stores and binds moisture. In addition, the radical scavenger Pro-Tocopherol® protects the skin tissue.

Application tips

Spread two pea-sized amounts of Soothing Eye Cream onto the tip of your ring finger and then pat onto your eyelids. Smooth the upper eyelid with your index finger, the lower eyelid with your middle finger, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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AVENE soothing eye cream New - 10 ml

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