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Bepanthen® eye drops 20X0.5 ml

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Bepanthen® eye drops – for dry or irritated eyes

People who suffer from dry or irritated eyes can moisten the surface of the eye with Bepanthen® eye drops, stabilize the tear film and protect the eyes from a feeling of dryness. Bepanthen® eye drops are free of preservatives and phosphates. The active ingredient dexpanthenol and the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid it contains can alleviate the symptoms. The Bepanthen® eye drops are available as a one-dose container ( practical for on the go ) and in the soft-touch multi-dose bottle ( especially for regular use ). Contact lens wearers can use Bepanthen® eye drops with both hard and soft contact lenses at the same time.

When do you need Bepanthen® eye drops?

Dry air caused by air conditioning in summer or heating in winter, frequent travel by plane and long periods of screen time can promote eye problems. Environmental pollution or allergies, such as hay fever, can also contribute.
When exposure to environmental and other factors becomes too great, tear composition can be disrupted or tear production reduced. A possible consequence is a tear in the tear film. The eye reacts irritated and can show the following symptoms, among others:

  • feeling dry
  • Burn
  • itching
  • foreign body sensation
  • stuck eyelids
  • sensitivity to light
  • visual disturbances

Thanks to the combination of hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol, Bepanthen® eye drops can relieve the symptoms of dry or irritated eyes.

She ...

  • support dry and irritated eyes with moisture,
  • stabilize or replace the tear film,
  • protect the eye from dryness and
  • are comfortable on the cornea of ​​the eye.

Bepanthen® eye drops - available in three different pack sizes

In our online pharmacy you can buy Bepanthen® eye drops in three different pack sizes with different shelf lives:

  1. 1ml
  2. 2x 10ml
  3. 20x 0.5ml

The one-dose containers (20x 0.5ml) are particularly suitable for taking with you on the go or if you only occasionally suffer from symptoms that you would like to alleviate with Bepanthen® eye drops. If you are frequently affected by dry or irritated eyes, you can choose between 10ml and 2x 10ml in the soft-touch multi-dose bottle. The drops in the practical multi-dose bottle can be kept for up to 12 months.

For more information, including side effects, see the package leaflet. If you are not sure which preparation is best suited to your needs, your doctor can advise you or you can contact the trained team at our mail-order pharmacy via the hotline.

Use of Bepanthen® eye drops

While the Bepanten eyes and nose ointment can help with superficial injuries to the conjunctiva or cornea in the eye or an injured nasal mucosa, the Bepanthen® eye drops are used to moisten dry or irritated eyes.

When using the eye drops, tilt your head back slightly and gently pull the lower eyelid down with one hand. With the other hand, place a drop in the conjunctival sac between the inside of the lower eyelid and the eye. Then, with your eyes closed, gently roll your eyeballs and apply gentle pressure to the tear duct with your fingertip for a few minutes.

Repeat the process three to five times a day as needed. Hold the bottle upright and close to your eye, but do not touch the bottle opening with your hand or eye. Do not use the eye drops after the expiration date, which can be found on the packaging and on the bottle label. The same applies if the safety ring or the bottle itself is damaged.

If the symptoms do not improve or if they even worsen, please consult a doctor or an ophthalmologist for further clarification.

The ingredients of the Bepanthen® eye drops

Bepanthen® eye drops contain hyaluronic acid and the active ingredient dexpanthenol, known as provitamin B5. Hyaluronic acid is found in the eyes, joints and skin. It serves as a water reservoir and supports the lubricity. The physical properties of sodium hyaluronate ( sodium salt of hyaluronic acid ) ensure an even and at the same time stable protective film on the surface of the eye. Dexpanthenol binds moisture and thus supports the effect of the hyaluronic acid. It is thanks to this combination that symptoms such as dryness or burning are relieved in a gentle but effective way.

If you want to support your eyes with moisture at home and on the go or regularly suffer from dry and irritated eyes, then the Bepanthen® eye drops are just right for you. Order either the practical one-dose containers for on the go or the handy multi-dose bottles for longer-term use.

Vendor/manufacturer address

Bayer Vital GmbH
Kaiser-Wilhelm Allee Building K 56
51368 Leverkusen

PZN: 00829388

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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Bepanthen® eye drops 20X0.5 ml

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