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BEPANTHEN eye and nose ointment

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Bepanthen Eye and Nose Ointment: Gently supports healing

Almost everyone knows it: After a cold with a runny nose, your nose burns, itches and hurts because heated air, nasal sprays and frequent blowing of your nose put a strain on the nasal mucous membranes and dry them out. In addition, various other factors can attack the nose, which is mostly uncomfortable and painful. In such a case, Bepanthen eye and nose ointment is used because it supports and accelerates the natural healing process of the skin and is particularly gentle on the sore nose. Another area of ​​application for Bepanthen ointment is the treatment of superficial injuries to the eye, because thanks to its good skin compatibility, the drug is ideal for application to sensitive skin areas. The eye and nose ointment promotes the healing process even with small conjunctival and corneal injuries and at the same time cares for the sore spot. A small tool with a big effect!

Bepanthen eye ointment with the power of dexpanthenol

As with the classic Bepanthen wound and healing ointment, the effectiveness of Bepanthen eye cream is based on the proven active ingredient dexpanthenol. As a provitamin, it promotes the formation of new skin cells and in this way supports the body's own regeneration process of damaged skin areas. Dexpanthenol helps rebuild the skin's natural protective barrier so that wounds heal and close more quickly.

Since there are often delays and complications in the healing process, especially in sensitive areas such as the nose and eyes, supportive treatment with Bepanthen is recommended, among other things, for dry and sore noses as well as superficial damage to the cornea and conjunctiva (possibly after consultation with the doctor). to recommend. Especially since Bepanthen nasal ointment is manufactured sterile and is free of dyes, fragrances and preservatives, which means it is well tolerated by the skin.

Product description

In summer it's the allergy, in winter it's the cold - if the nose is running, we increasingly reach for the handkerchief or, for a blocked nose, for a decongestant nasal spray. As a result, the nasal mucosa dries out, burns or itches and occasionally forms crusts. Bepanthen eye and nose ointment is the solution for anyone who suffers from a sore nose with dry, cracked nasal mucosa. Thanks to the active ingredient dexpanthenol, it supports healing, soothes and nourishes - so the nose can regenerate sustainably. In the eye, Bepanthen eye and nose ointment has a healing effect on minor injuries to the conjunctiva and cornea. The application is simple and practical: Use the cannula to apply a strand of ointment about one centimeter long to the conjunctival sac of the eye (between the eyeball and lower eyelid) or to the nasal mucosa in the front area of ​​the nose - once or several times a day, if not prescribed differently. Although the ointment is sterile and made without preservatives, it can be used on the eyes for a whole week. The ointment can even be used on the nose for up to four weeks. After use on the nose, the tube should no longer be used on the eyes. Bepanthenâ ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM, Bepanthenâ EYE AND NOSE OINTMENT, Bepanthenâ SOLUTION, Bepanthenâ WOUND AND HEALING OINTMENT Active ingredient: dexpanthenol (with Bepanthen antiseptic wound cream also: chlorhexidine bis(D-gluconate)) Areas of application: Bepanthenâ ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM: For the antiseptic treatment of superficial wounds; Abrasions, lacerations, lacerations and scratches. Bepanthenâ EYE AND NOSE OINTMENT: To support the healing of superficial minor skin damage to the cornea, conjunctiva or nasal mucosa. Bepanthenâ Solution: To support healing of superficial, minor skin damage and the oral mucosa. Bepanthenâ WOUND AND HEALING OINTMENT: To support healing of minor superficial skin and mucous membrane damage. Notes: Bepanthenâ ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM: Contains cetostearyl alcohol. Note leaflet! Bepanthenâ EYE AND NOSE OINTMENT: Contains wool wax. Note leaflet! Bepanthenâ solution: Contains methyl (4-hydroxybenzoate), propyl (4-hydroxybenzoate) and sodium benzoate. Note leaflet! Bepanthenâ WOUND AND HEALING OINTMENT: Contains wool wax, stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol. Note leaflet! For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany

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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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BEPANTHEN eye and nose ointment

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