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BEPANTHEN antiseptic ointment 20g

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Product description

For small cuts or abrasions: protect your skin from infections - with Bepanthen antiseptic wound cream. Effective and at the same time skin-friendly, it is used for the initial treatment of superficial, contaminated injuries. The wound cream disinfects superficial wounds and contains the antiseptic active ingredient chlorhexidine, which has an antibacterial effect, and the active ingredient dexpanthenol. The Bepanthen antiseptic wound cream is free of colorants, fragrances and preservatives. Bepanthenâ ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM, Bepanthenâ EYE AND NOSE OINTMENT, Bepanthenâ SOLUTION, Bepanthenâ WOUND AND HEALING OINTMENT Active ingredient: dexpanthenol (in Bepanthen antiseptic wound cream additionally: chlorhexidine bis (D-gluconate)) Areas of application: Bepanthenâ ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM: For the antiseptic treatment of superficial wounds; Abrasions, lacerations, lacerations and scratches. Bepanthenâ EYE AND NOSE OINTMENT: To support healing in the case of minor superficial skin damage to the cornea, conjunctiva or nasal mucosa. Bepanthenâ Solution: To support the healing of superficial skin damage as well as the oral mucosa. Bepanthenâ WOUND AND HEALING OINTMENT: To support the healing of superficial skin and mucous membrane damage. Notes: Bepanthenâ ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM: Contains cetostearyl alcohol. Note leaflet! Bepanthenâ EYE AND NOSE Ointment: Contains wool wax. Note leaflet! Bepanthenâ Solution: Contains methyl (4-hydroxybenzoate), propyl (4-hydroxybenzoate) and sodium benzoate. Note leaflet! Bepanthenâ WOUND AND HEALING OINTMENT: Contains wool wax, stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol. Note leaflet! For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany

ingredients / ingredients


Instructions for use

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the usual dose is: Apply Bepanthen® ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM thinly to the affected skin areas twice a day.


The preparation must not be used on deep, bleeding or weeping wounds, lower leg ulcers (ulcus cruris) and when using a tightly fitting and covering bandage (occlusive bandage). Do not use Bepanthen® ANTISEPTIC WOUND CREAM on the eyes or in the immediate vicinity of the eyes, on mucous membranes and in the ear

Legal Notice

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about risks and side effects.

PZN 01987824

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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BEPANTHEN antiseptic ointment 20g

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