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BETTER BREATHING Breathe Right nasal cannula large beige

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Better breathing Breathe Right nose strips beige, large,

The nasal plaster for stuffy nose and snoring

Breathe Better Breathe Right Nose Strips

  • If you have a blocked nose, e.g. due to hay fever / allergies or colds / colds
  • When snoring
  • During exertion / sport
  • Can also be used under the respiratory mask
  • Mechanical mode of action without interaction with drugs
  • Can also be used during pregnancy and for children from 5 years of age

Restricted nasal breathing can lead to a reduced quality of life and reduced performance, e.g. B. during sports or physical exertion through increased mouth breathing, and through nightly snoring (so-called rhonchopathy) and thus often burdens the night's sleep of the partner.

Allergies / hay fever or a cold can be the cause of the difficult nasal breathing, which can lead to problems sleeping through the night and nightly recovery.

Better breathing Breathe Right nose strips open the nose from the outside

Two flexible, spring-like plastic strips integrated into the Better Atmen Breathe Right nasal plaster lift the nostrils and the nasal passages are widened. This allows for better airflow through your nose and helps you breathe noticeably better, both day and night.

Due to the purely mechanical mode of action, the use of the active substance-free nasal strips is possible during pregnancy and for users who have to take medication permanently, eg diabetics or patients with high blood pressure.

The Breathe Right nose strips are available in two different sizes. You can also choose between a transparent and a beige variant.

Benefits of Better Breathing Breathe Right Nose Strips

  • The nasal strips can be used if nasal breathing is restricted, eg due to allergies / hay fever or a cold.
  • A noticeable improvement in the air supply is made possible by the use of nasal plasters.
  • Better breathing Breathe Right nasal strips can reduce snoring and thus improve sleep quality.
  • The nasal strips can be an alternative to decongestant nasal sprays.
  • You can increase performance during physical exertion, eg sports.
  • Open the nose from the outside, without medicinal substances and can therefore also be used during pregnancy.
  • Due to the purely mechanical mode of action, there are no interactions with other drugs.
  • Suitable for children from 5 years.


First, wash and dry your nose to remove dirt and oils. (Use an astringent if you have oily skin). Then remove the protective film from the patch and place the nose strip in the middle of the bridge of the nose. Flatten the nose strip, then press the ends to secure the nose strip.

This product contains natural latex which may cause allergic reactions. Do not use on sore, sunburned or irritated skin. For single use. Better Breathing Breathe Right nasal strips can be used for up to 12 hours as needed.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using the transparent Better Breathing nasal plaster.

BREATHE RIGHT Breathe better with CYRIAPO nasal plasters

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BETTER BREATHING Breathe Right nasal cannula large beige

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