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Clotrimazole AL 1% cream

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Clotrimazole AL 1%

Active ingredient: clotrimazole. Used in fungal infections of the skin caused by dermatophytes, yeasts (eg Candida species), molds and others, such as Malassezia furfur, as well as infections caused by Corynebacterium minutissimum. These can manifest themselves as mycoses of the feet, mycoses of the skin and skin folds, pityriasis versicolor, erythrasma, and superficial candidiasis. Contains cetostearyl alcohol.

Up to 15% of adults in Germany suffer from athlete's foot. Mushrooms lurk everywhere where it is damp and warm. Skin folds are also affected particularly frequently. If the skin is injured or cracked, fungi can penetrate, multiply rapidly and spread further from there. The most common complaints are itching, redness, burning, skin changes and inflammation.

Since fungal infections rarely heal by themselves and are unpleasant, the affected region should be treated with clotrimazole at the first suspicion and the fungus thus contained. Because the longer a fungus goes unnoticed, the more complex the treatment becomes. Although skin fungus is rarely dangerous, it is contagious and often recurs. For regular use on the skin, CLOTRIMAZOL AL has proven itself for years and is well tolerated.


There are various active ingredients for the treatment of a fungal infection of the skin. Clotrimazole has been used successfully as an antifungal for years. During the growth phase of the fungus, clotrimazole attacks its cell membrane, which becomes leaky as a result. As a result, the fungus loses the ability to reproduce and eventually dies. Many mycoses can be treated in this way.


Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, CLOTRIMAZOL AL 1% cream is consistently applied thinly to the diseased areas 2 to 3 times a day and rubbed in. A small amount of CLOTRIMAZOL AL 1% cream is usually sufficient. Regular and sufficiently long use of CLOTRIMAZOL AL 1% cream is important for the success of the treatment.

The duration of treatment depends, among other things, on the extent and the affected region. In order to achieve complete healing and to prevent recurrences, treatment with CLOTRIMAZOL AL 1% cream should not be discontinued after the acute symptoms have subsided, but should be continued for at least 4 weeks.

In the case of athlete's foot, treatment should be continued for about 2 weeks after all symptoms have disappeared, despite rapid subjective improvement.

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Clotrimazole AL 1% cream

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