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CYCLOTEST early pregnancy test 10 mlU/ml urine 1 pc

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  • One step pregnancy test.
  • Applicable at any time of the day.
  • With hygienic holder.
  • Simply hold the test stick directly in the urine stream for 3 seconds and read the result after just 5 minutes.
  • Indication already from 12 IU/L hCG concentration in the urine.

    The hCG level in the urine of healthy and non-pregnant women ranges from 0 to 10 IU/L (International Units (units) per liter).

    • During pregnancy, the hCG concentration begins to rise in the first few days after conception.
    • Up to the 10th week of pregnancy, the hCG level reaches values ​​of up to 230,000 IU/L.
    • After birth, the hCG concentration drops rapidly and reaches normal values ​​within a few weeks.

    Therefore, hCG is very suitable for diagnosing pregnancy. The threshold value for pregnancy is >10 IU/L.

    • With the Cyclotest® early pregnancy test, you have the opportunity to get clarity quickly.
    • It tells you if you are pregnant as soon as there is an hCG concentration of 12 IU/L in your urine.
    • It is therefore suitable for use around 8 days before your period is due.
    • You can use this test at any time of the day, but the first morning urine is preferred because the concentration of the hormone hCG is highest in the morning urine.
    • If you take the test during the day, you should not go to the toilet 2-3 hours before the test and do not drink too much.
    • If the hCG concentration in the urine is too low (e.g. because the urine is very diluted, the test is carried out too early or because the pregnancy is ectopic (= tubal)), the test can produce a negative result show even though you are pregnant.

    Important instructions

    • Medications or medical conditions (e.g. trophoblastic diseases) that affect your hCG levels can also affect the result.
    • However, the commercially available “pill” does not interfere with the test.
    • The result can be read for 20 minutes, after which the test field can change and a clear evaluation is no longer possible.

    What to do if the result is negative despite a missed period?

    • The cycle can often be delayed, for example due to stress or stopping the pill. If the period does not come in a few days, the test should be repeated.
    • If the result remains negative, a doctor should be consulted.

    Please note

    • Keep the test out of the reach of children.
    • Use the test immediately after opening the foil packaging.
    • Do not use the test if the foil packaging is damaged.
    • Do not open the test stick.

  • Mandatory text

    For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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    CYCLOTEST early pregnancy test 10 mlU/ml urine 1 pc

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