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DRACOPOR wound dressing 5x7.2 cm sterile - plaster

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DracoPor soft white is a sterile wound dressing that was specially developed for the initial treatment of non-infected wounds. It is suitable for acute wounds as well as for the treatment of abrasions and cuts.

The bandage consists of a non-woven backing material that is adhesive on one side and has a centered wound pad. The non-woven backing material does not stick to the wound, so that the dressing can be removed pain-free.

Indications for the use of DracoPor soft white are postoperative wounds after surgical procedures as well as the sterile care of minor injuries such as cuts and abrasions. It is also suitable for treating acute wounds such as lacerations or skin abrasions.

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DRACOPOR wound dressing 5x7.2 cm sterile - plaster

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