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DUREX classic condoms that feel real

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Durex Real Feel Classic Condoms – 20 pieces

  • ANATOMICAL EASY-ON FORM : For a comfortable fit
  • FOR A GOOD FEELING : Moistened with silicone lubricant
  • FIT : Regular (nominal width: 56 mm)
  • NEW PACKAGING : New design but with proven quality
  • PLEASANT SMELL : Thanks to the new formula
  • PROTECTION : Every condom is 100% electronically tested

Durex Sensitive Classic condoms are the best-selling condoms in Germany - now with a new packaging design!

These condoms are thin for an intense feel and have a nominal width of 56mm (regular fit). They are moistened with silicone lubricating gel - so sex will be even more pleasant for you. The anatomical easy-on shape with reservoir ensures a comfortable fit. Thanks to the new formula with special ingredients, the condoms also smell pleasant.

To ensure that you are always well protected, it is important to use the right condom size. A condom that is too big can slip off, a condom that is too small can burst. Everyone is different, but a condom should always be comfortable and safe for everyone. Durex condoms go through 5 quality tests and are dermatologically tested. In addition, each individual condom is 100% electronically tested.

Ready to go straight away: We ensure that every condom is always in the same position in every single foil. The Durex logo on the film serves as orientation. So that you can take the condom out of the film the right way round and put it on, hold the film with the Durex logo facing down when opening it.


We stand for real sex. No matter what you're into, we want you to feel good about it. We believe in identifying problems and fighting to solve them. Sex that feels good – and does you good.


Natural rubber latex


Please read the instructions on the packaging carefully before use. So that you can take the condom out of the film the right way round and put it on, hold the film with the Durex logo facing down when opening it.

Only use lubricants that are recommended for use with condoms - the gel is simply applied to the outside of the condom that has already been put on.


Store in a cool and dry place, protect from direct sunlight.


Please pay attention to the information on the inside of the package, especially if you use condoms for anal or oral sex. Remember that no method of contraception provides 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can pose a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children.

Check the expiration date on the packaging before use. If the condom wrapper is obviously damaged, throw the condom away and use a new one from an undamaged package. Use each condom only once. Reuse increases the risk of damage or infection.

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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DUREX classic condoms that feel real

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