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elmex gelée 25g - weekly intensive treatment to protect against tooth decay

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elmex ® jelly

– Prevention of caries, for supportive treatment of initial caries and treatment of hypersensitive tooth necks

What is initial caries?

If the tooth loses minerals, a so-called initial caries develops under the surface. This is an early form of tooth decay where mineral loss is limited to the enamel and the surface is still intact. Initial caries usually occurs in children and adolescents on the gum line and on the chewing surfaces, and in adults in the interdental spaces. Initial caries usually appears as a chalky white spot on the smooth surfaces of the teeth.

Incipient caries is reversible – with elmex ® jelly

elmex ® gelée rebuilds the tooth from within by replenishing lost minerals and thus reverses the onset of caries. elmex® jelly is suitable for preventing tooth decay, supporting the treatment of initial tooth decay and treating hypersensitive tooth necks.

elmex ® jelly with highly concentrated amine fluoride

  • Reverses incipient caries through remineralization
  • Strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the risk of tooth decay
  • Treats hypersensitive tooth necks
  • Applicable from the age of 6
  • Suitable as a weekly intensive treatment for the whole family

elmex ® jelly for children, young people and those who wear braces

From the age of about 6 years, children start to change their teeth. Above all, the new, permanent teeth need special protection, because their enamel is not yet fully hardened (mineralized) after breaking through and is therefore more susceptible to tooth decay. Children and young people with braces also have an increased risk of caries due to difficult oral hygiene.

elmex ® gelée builds up the tooth from the inside out by supplementing missing minerals. This supports the hardening of the tooth enamel and reverses the onset of caries.


For adults and children from the age of 6:

Apply about 1 cm of elmex ® jelly (about 0.5 g of gel corresponding to 6.25 mg of fluoride) to the toothbrush once a week and brush your teeth. Rinse after 2 to 3 minutes.

The total application time (cleaning and exposure time) must not exceed 5 minutes.
Best used in the evening before going to bed.

For the targeted treatment of hypersensitive tooth necks, elmex ® jelly should be applied to the affected areas. elmex ® jelly should only be used when you have mastered spitting out the foam.

* elmex ® gelée is the best-selling gel for intensive fluoridation at home.

Source: IQVIA, own analysis of the products for intensive fluoridation, sales in Pack, pharmacies, Germany, MAT 04/17 - MAT 04/21


How do I know that I have tooth decay?

Initial caries can only be effectively recognized in good time by a dentist. These early, often difficult to detect, mineral losses, which usually occur below the tooth surface, should then be treated with appropriate fluoride therapy under the direction of the dentist. In the long term, together with the dentist, the behavior that led to caries (sugar consumption, insufficient dental hygiene) should be recognized and adjusted so that the risk of caries can be reduced again.

In which cases should elmex ® jelly be used?

elmex ® jelly is used to prevent tooth decay (tooth decay prophylaxis), especially in children, young people and patients with braces, other orthodontic (orthodontic) appliances and partial dentures.

elmex ® jelly is used to support the treatment of incipient caries (initial caries) and to treat hypersensitive tooth necks.

How often should I use elmex ® jelly?

Adults and children over the age of 6 should apply about 1 cm of elmex ® jelly to the toothbrush and brush their teeth once a week. Then rinse off after 2 to 3 minutes. The total application time (cleaning and exposure time) must not exceed 5 minutes.

What should be considered when taking elmex ® jelly in combination with other medicines or foods?

Please tell your doctor/dentist or pharmacist if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines.

After using elmex ® jelly, systemic fluoride intake (e.g. through fluoride tablets) should be suspended for a few days.

The immediate intake of aluminum (medicine for the treatment of stomach problems; antacids) after treatment with elmex® jelly can impair the effect of the fluoride.

Taking calcium and magnesium (e.g. milk) immediately after treatment with elmex ® jelly can impair the effect of the fluoride.

elmex® jelly protects teeth and tooth necks and makes tooth enamel hard and more resistant. It is advantageously used in caries prophylaxis. The remineralization of enamel areas that have already been decalcified (initial caries) is promoted by elmex ® jelly improves by storing phosphate and calcium from the saliva back into the tooth enamel. Amine fluorides are particularly effective in this regard. elmex ® forms on exposed dentin (tooth bone), which reacts painfully to external stimuli jelly a desensitizing protective film.

elmex® jelly.

To prevent caries, to support the treatment of initial caries and to treat hypersensitive tooth necks.

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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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elmex gelée 25g - weekly intensive treatment to protect against tooth decay

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