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Emser® nasal rinsing salt physiological Btl.

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Emser® Nasal rinsing salt

  • Allergy & prophylaxis
  • 100% natural mode of action - safe to use and practical

The Emser ® nasal rinse salt is a salt mixture that contains natural Emser salt and various other mineral salts. The salt ion content and the special mineral composition are based on healthy nasal secretions.

It is therefore particularly suitable for gently moistening the nose when the mucous membranes are dry, as well as for regular rinsing treatments where cleaning the nose is the priority - such as in the case of hay fever or exposure to dust.

The Emser® Nasal rinse salt is used:

  • For care, prevention and allergies
  • For pollen and house dust allergies
  • To prevent colds
  • When exposed to dust
  • If you have a dry nose, e.g. B. by air conditioning or heating air

Nasal rinsing with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt can be carried out safely over a longer period of time.

Simple nasal rinsing with Emser ® Nasal rinsing salt:

We recommend using the Emser ® nasal douche to rinse your nose with Emser ® nasal rinsing salt . The Emser ® nasal rinse salt 2.5 g is precisely tailored to the capacity of the Emser ® nasal douche (250 ml) and produces exactly the desired isotonic saline solution. This makes the Emser ® nasal rinsing system safe to use and easy to use.

Make sure that the Emser ® nasal rinsing salt is completely dissolved in the nasal douche before you start using it.

Tip : Dissolve the salt in lukewarm water and shake or swirl the solution until you can no longer see any salt residue in the water.

Nasal rinses can be carried out up to 3 times a day with 250 ml of solution each time. As a rule, it is recommended to do it once a day. As part of long-term rinsing therapies over several months or years, rinsing treatments every 2 to 3 days have also proven to be effective.

Nasal rinsing with the Emser ® nasal douche and Emser ® nasal rinsing salt:
  • 100% natural mode of action
  • Fights the cause and alleviates the symptoms
  • Moisturizes and cleanses the dry nasal mucosa

ser Salt ® :

Active ingredient: natural Emser salt.
Areas of application: For supportive treatment by moistening, cleaning and decongesting the nasal mucosa in banal acute infections of the upper respiratory tract and chronic nasal and paranasal sinus infections and as an accompanying treatment measure to accelerate the healing process after endonasal sinus operations.

Siemens & Co, 56119 Bad Ems.

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Emser® nasal rinsing salt physiological Btl.

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