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EVOTEARS® - The unique* protection

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The innovation for dry eyes

The unique* EvoTears® Eye drops are water-free and use the ingredient perfluorohexyloctane. As a result, the eye drops offer long-lasting protection against evaporation and watery eyes, as they cover the tear like a protective coat.

*due to perfluorohexyloctane and lack of water


EvoTears ® eye drops

Unique 1 for dry eyes

 Effective and sustainable protection against tear evaporation thanks to innovative ingredients
 Water-free, so no need for preservatives or other aids
 High yield and long range
 Does dry eyes e.g. B. specifically through screen use

Effective protection against evaporation

If you suffer from dry eyes, in almost 60% of all those affected an impairment of the outermost oily layer of the tear, also called the lipid (oil) phase, is the sole cause behind the clinical picture. 2

This leads to premature evaporation of the tear film, which results in dry, burning or watery eyes. EvoTears ® replaces this lipid phase and has therefore proven effective in treating the main cause of dry eyes, ie lipid phase disorder.

The eye drops owe their effective effect and good tolerability to the innovative ingredient perfluorohexyloctane and their lack of water. Perfluorohexyloctane spreads very quickly over the tear and forms a protective coat over it. This effectively counteracts premature evaporation and prevents dry eyes, e.g. B. prevented by intensive screen work.

Since the substance has the same refractive index as the tear, vision is not affected. EvoTears ® eye drops are characterized by a high yield - up to 280 drops per 3 ml content - and a low application frequency.

Anhydrous eye drops for dry eyes

EvoTears ® eye drops are the first water-free drops developed to treat dry eyes. The absence of water brings with it decisive advantages: no pH value and therefore no need for pH stabilizers such as phosphates. Since germs cannot multiply without water, preservatives can be avoided despite using a normal dropper bottle. The addition of emulsifiers is also unnecessary because it is not an oil-water mixture.

application areas

  • Lipid phase product to protect against evaporation and dry eyes caused by screen work (PC, smartphone), air conditioning or drafts.


  • Perfluorohexyloctane (100%)


Dry eyes are one of the most common eye diseases; it is estimated that one in every 6 adults in Germany is affected by it. In most cases, the disease involves a lipid phase disorder. 2 The increased evaporation and destabilization of the tear film leads to dry, burning or watery eyes. It is also typical to have severe symptoms in the morning that improve over the course of the day.

A lipid phase disorder is caused, among other things, by the intensive use of digital media such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. Drafts or air conditioning as well as unfavorable climatic conditions, e.g. B. Cold stimulus can also affect the lipid phase.


At work and in our private lives, we often sit in front of small or large screens, which puts a lot of stress on our eyes. The bright monitor light can cause overstimulation, and the blinking reflex is reduced when looking with concentration: instead of 20 times, we only blink about 5 times a minute. As a result, the sebaceous glands in the eyelid, also called meibomian glands, produce less of the lipid (oil) phase. If this lipid-containing protective layer is missing, the tear film tears prematurely, evaporates and dry eyes occur.

Because EvoTears ® By specifically replacing the lipid phase, it can prevent the tear film from evaporating prematurely. The water-free eye drops cover the tear like a protective coat and thus counteract dry eyes.

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EVOTEARS® - The unique* protection

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