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Gepan Mannose Gel - intimate care with a protective factor

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Gepan® Mannose Gel

  • Moisturizing gel for the external intimate area
  • Protection against harmful germs
  • Strengthening and caring for the mucous membrane
  • Can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Intimate care with a protective factor

A woman's daily personal care includes, in addition to the general care program, the gentlest possible cleaning of the external intimate area. Additional care is recommended to support sensitive skin.

The Gepan ® mannose gel with its mannose hydro complex is particularly suitable for this: On the one hand, the gel has skin-caring and moisturizing properties.

On the other hand, it offers support in protecting against germs and thus also against infections, for example. B. a bladder infection. The Gepan ® Mannose Gel helps to strengthen and care for the skin in the external intimate area as well as to prevent germs. By the way: Gepan® Mannose Gel can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Insider tip D-Mannose

D-mannose is a natural simple sugar that is produced in small quantities in the human organism and is therefore one of the body's own substances. On the mucous membrane of the external intimate area, D-mannose can protect against the adhesion of harmful intestinal bacteria (E. coli bacteria), which can cause skin irritation or even inflammation.

Gepan ® Mannose Gel relies on the mannose hydro complex, an ideal combination of moisturizing and caring substances. The product forms a gel-like film on the skin of the external intimate area, which optimally supports the development of an effective and protective skin barrier.


  • Gepan ® At best, apply mannose gel several times a day, for example after urinating or exercising. Hands should be washed thoroughly before application.
  • Apply a pump of the gel to the index finger and spread over the entire external intimate area (vulva, perineum and anal area).
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use. Gepan ® Mannose gel is easy to rinse off fingers with water.


Various influences such as frequent shaving and mechanical stress caused by sport or sexual intercourse can weaken the natural skin barrier in the external intimate area. The Gepan ® Mannose Gel supports the protective function of the skin thanks to the mannose hydro complex.

D-mannose and hyaluronic acid form the ideal combination of moisturizing and nourishing substances in the hydrogel. They help stressed and irritated skin to calm down again and fulfill its protective function.


The pH value of the vagina is subject to natural, constant fluctuations. These can weaken the skin's defenses in the female intimate area. Germs can find their way and have a negative impact on bladder health.

The D-mannose contained in Gepan ® Mannose Gel helps prevent harmful bacteria (e.g. BE coli bacteria) from adhering to the external intimate area. Lactic acid, as part of the skin's natural moisturizing factor, helps to balance the pH value, making it even more difficult for germs to colonize and multiply.


The individual ingredients in Gepan ® Mannose Gel are carefully selected so that it can be used safely even during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The Gepan ® Mannose Gel does not contain any additives such as parabens or other stabilizers and is clinically and dermatologically tested.

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Gepan Mannose Gel - intimate care with a protective factor

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