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HYLO DUAL® - moisturizing and alleviating allergy symptoms

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Moistening and stabilization of the tear film

For dry eyes, HYLO DUAL® eye drops offer intensive moisture and protection thanks to the effective active ingredient duo hyaluronic acid and ectoine. In addition, the moisturizing eye drops support the recovery of allergy-related inflammatory symptoms.

Moisturizing and Alleviating Allergy Symptoms:

HYLO DUAL® eye drops are particularly suitable for dry eyes or irritation caused by allergies. The two ingredients hyaluronic acid and ectoine ensure intensive moisturizing of irritated eyes, relieve symptoms of inflammatory processes and at the same time stabilize the lipid phase of the tear film. Ectoin increases water retention and thus ensures that the eyes are moistened for a long time. At the same time, lasting protection against renewed dehydration is built up and the body's own barrier is supported in fighting off allergy-causing substances and irritants. HYLO DUAL® eye drops are particularly effective and well tolerated thanks to the patented COMOD® system. The special pump system keeps the contents of the bottle sterile and durable for a long time, even without harmful preservatives and phosphates.


  • For dry, burning or irritated eyes
  • Dual active principle of 0.05% hyaluronic acid and 2.0% ectoine
  • Moisturizes and provides lasting protection against renewed drying out by stabilizing the tear film
  • Supports the body's barrier against allergy-causing substances and irritants
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates
  • Can be used 6 months after opening
  • Compatible with contact lenses
  • High yield with at least 300 drops/bottle
  • Easy to dose in the patented COMOD® system
  • Vegan / free from animal ingredients


    How often should HYLO DUAL ® eye drops are used?

    HYLO DUAL ® moisturizes the cornea and conjunctiva and protects against excessive evaporation of the tear film. Eye irritation caused by dry eyes or allergies can be relieved by stabilizing the tear film. The dosage of the eye drops should be according to the recommendation of your ophthalmologist.

    In general, 1 drop of HYLO DUAL ® is instilled into the lower lid of each eye 3 times a day . In the case of more severe symptoms or if very frequent use is necessary every day, please consult your ophthalmologist.

    Are HYLO DUAL ® Eye drops also suitable for children?

    Yes, HYLO DUAL ® moisturizing eye drops with ectoine can also be used on children aged six and over. Please adhere to the dosage of eye drops recommended by your ophthalmologist. Children under six years of age should not be given HYLO DUAL® eye drops.

    Can I use HYLO DUAL ® also use in the long term?

    HYLO DUAL ® moisturizing eye drops are generally suitable for long-term use. Because there are no preservatives or phosphates, the eye drops are well tolerated even when used over a long period of time.

    HYLO DUAL ® is suitable also for contact lens wearers in the hay fever season?

    Yes, HYLO DUAL ® is generally compatible with hard and soft contact lenses. So you don't have to stop wearing contact lenses even during pollen season. After inserting the contact lenses, you should wait about 30 minutes before using the eye drops. In this way, intolerance reactions due to possible interactions between contact lens care products and HYLO DUAL ® can be avoided.

    Contact lens care should be carried out particularly carefully in typical allergy phases in order to avoid deposits of allergenic substances on the contact lens. Shorten the wearing times if possible, e.g. B. wear glasses at home in the evening. Outdoors, sunglasses can partially protect your eyes from pollen, and the subdued light is also perceived as pleasant for irritated eyes.

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HYLO DUAL® - moisturizing and alleviating allergy symptoms

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