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HYLO GEL® - long-lasting moisturizing for chronically dry eyes

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HYLO GEL® moisturizing eye drops are tailored to the special needs of chronically dry eyes and for particularly severe cases of dry eyes. Due to the high viscosity, the drops adhere particularly well to the surface of the eye and provide long-lasting protection.

Long-lasting moisturizing for chronically dry eyes: HYLO GEL®

HYLO GEL® eye drops offer intensive and long-lasting moisturization for severe and chronic forms of dry eyes. Due to the high content of hyaluronic acid of 0.2%, the drops have a highly viscous consistency and therefore stick particularly well to the surface of the eye. In addition, they are suitable HYLO GEL® eye drops excellent for supporting the healing process of the eyes after surgery.

The practical COMOD® system guarantees precise dosage, high yield of at least 300 drops and a long shelf life of 6 months. Like all products HYLO ® family HYLO GEL® eye drops free of preservatives and phosphates and therefore very well tolerated. Special advantage: for certain dry eye diseases HYLO GEL® eye drops can be prescribed and can be prescribed by a doctor.


  • For foreign body sensation, itching or red eyes
  • Long-lasting and efficient moisturization for severe and chronic forms of dry eyes
  • Supports the healing process of the eyes after operations
  • With 0.2% hyaluronic acid
  • No impairment of visual performance
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates
  • Can be used 6 months after opening
  • Compatible with contact lenses
  • High yield with at least 300 drops/bottle
  • Easy to dose in the patented COMOD® system
  • Vegan / free from animal ingredients


    How often should I use HYLO GEL ® Use eye drops daily?

    HYLO GEL ® eye drops offer intensive and long-lasting moisturization for severe and chronic forms of dry eyes. Dose the eye drops individually according to your condition or the recommendations of your ophthalmologist. In general, 1 drop of HYLO GEL ® is dripped into the conjunctival sac of each eye 3 times a day .

    If the symptoms are more severe, the eye drops can be used more often during the day. If you use HYLO GEL ® in addition to another drug treatment with eye drops, please maintain an application interval of at least 30 minutes.

    In this case , HYLO GEL ® should be administered last. If you also use an eye ointment, rub it into the conjunctival sac after using HYLO GEL ® .

    What do I have to consider when using HYLO GEL ® use with contact lenses?

    HYLO GEL ® is also compatible with contact lenses. After inserting the visual aids, it is recommended to wait about 30 minutes before using the moistening eye drops. In this way, possible intolerance reactions due to interactions between contact lens care products and HYLO GEL ® can be avoided.

    Due to the gel-like consistency of the eye drops, a short-term streaking may occur immediately after instillation. This generally disappears again after a few blinks.

    How can I ensure that my eyes are sufficiently moistened overnight?

    HYLO GEL ® uses highly viscous hyaluronic acid to ensure particularly good adhesion to the surface of the eye and a long-lasting moisturizing effect into the night. If you suffer from severe dry eye symptoms, particularly at night, the use of the eye drops can be supplemented with an overnight moisturizing eye ointment such as HYLO NIGHT ® . The ointment with vitamin A spreads well on the surface of the eye and improves the tear film.

    What are the benefits of preservative-free eye drops?

    Preservatives are used in many preparations to prevent pathogenic germs from getting into the eyes. If eye drops cannot be kept sterile, bacteria and fungi can easily colonize, which can get into the eye when used and cause infections. However, the preservatives often cannot offer complete protection against germs and can also cause intolerance reactions.

    As with all other eye drops in the HYLO ® product family, HYLO GEL ® deliberately avoids the use of preservatives. This is made possible by the unique COMOD ® system, which keeps the liquid sterile and airtight. The eye drops have a shelf life of 6 months after opening, even without preservatives.

    Not using preservatives pays off in two ways: HYLO ® eye drops are particularly well tolerated. In addition, only medical products that are preservative-free are suitable for postoperative care, as otherwise proper wound healing will be delayed.

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HYLO GEL® - long-lasting moisturizing for chronically dry eyes

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