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IBU 400 acute 1A Pharma film tablets - for the treatment of inflammation, pain and fever

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Ibu 400 akut-1A Pharma for the treatment of inflammation, pain and fever

The over-the-counter painkillers Ibu 400 acute from 1A Pharma with ibuprofen are a valuable part of your medicine chest due to their triple effect. You benefit from reliable pain relief and an anti-inflammatory effect.

Another plus of the well-tolerated painkiller: You can also use Ibu 400 acute to reduce fever.

Ibu 400 acute for noticeable relief of mild to moderate pain

Ibu 400 acute unfolds an analgesic effect that gives you reliable relief from mild to moderate pain. Ibu 400 acute has proven particularly effective for the following complaints: Areas of application of ibuprofen are, for example:

  • Headache
  • menstrual cramps
  • toothache
  • joint pain
  • Muscle aches

Inhibit inflammation and reduce fever with Ibu 400 akut-1A Pharma

Since Ibu 400 acute has an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect, the active ingredient is also included flu-like infections with headache, sore throat and fever recommended. The same applies to the treatment of inflammatory processes.

Ibuprofen inhibits the production of prostaglandins in your body, which play an important role in causing pain, inflammation and fever. When taking Ibu 400 akut-1A Pharma, you benefit from the intelligent trio of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects.

Ibuprofen from 1A Pharma is well tolerated and shows fewer interactions

  1. High tolerance : Compared to other painkillers, ibuprofen convinces with a high level of tolerability.
  2. Few side effects and interactions: Taking ibuprofen not only reduces the risk of side effects, but also of interactions.

You can acutely combine the well-tolerated ibuprofen with your hormonal contraceptive without having to worry about interactions.

Buy Ibu 400 acute-1A Pharma

Due to the combined triple effect of Ibu 400 acute from 1A Pharma, you can use the over-the-counter pain reliever with good tolerability for a variety of complaints.

Conclusion : Due to the fast and reliable effect of Ibu akut, you can meet the demands of your everyday life more quickly. Buy Ibu 400 acutely cheap and without a prescription

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IBU 400 acute 1A Pharma film tablets - for the treatment of inflammation, pain and fever

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