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ILON wound care ointment

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ilon wound care ointment

Strong for sore skin right from the start

Stressed, sore and red skin occurs more frequently in everyday life and requires special care. Here, ilon wound care ointment has proven to be ideal. With its selected combination of high-quality ingredients, the ilon wound care ointment can help the skin to heal faster and better. The ilon wound care ointment is well suited for treatment wherever it requires particularly careful use - from sore baby bottoms, skin irritations caused by various environmental influences or sunburn and minor burns to abrasions and cuts.

Due to its skin-friendly basic formula, the ilon wound care ointment is also extremely well tolerated by rough, chapped and sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested.

The wound care ointment with natural strength

 Protective skin care for stressed, sore and red skin

 The zinc ointment with the plus of vegetable oils reduces the occurrence of inflammation

 Promotes cell renewal and supports wound healing

Naturally gentle on the skin

The ilon wound care ointment is a zinc ointment with a special plus. With its natural ingredients, it can be used wherever the skin is exposed to particularly high stresses in everyday life. Healing-promoting zinc oxide develops a thin and protective film on the skin, which on the one hand preserves the skin's moisture and on the other hand wards off harmful environmental influences and moisture and has an antimicrobial effect. Olive oil protects and soothes the skin, makes it soft and supple and promotes its regeneration. In addition, the particularly high-quality cod liver oil has a nourishing and strengthening effect on the irritated skin area. Its omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D also support skin protection. In addition, wool fat also has a nourishing and strengthening effect. The lavender oil it contains soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties.


For stressed, sore and reddened skin, apply a thin layer of ilon wound care ointment to the affected areas of skin several times a day and allow to absorb. Careful, light massaging facilitates the transport of the caring and protective ingredients into the skin and supports their development there.


The sensitive baby skin needs special care. This particularly affects the baby's delicate bottom, which is strained by wearing diapers. Early care of sore skin with ilon wound care ointment can protect against the unpleasant consequences. Parent tip: Apply ilon wound care ointment to clean skin every time you change a diaper.


Intense solar radiation, strong wind and cold, wet weather, but also pollutants in the air can trigger immune responses in the skin, which become noticeable through symptoms such as reddened, cracked and chapped skin. Even minor first-degree burns, which also include a conventional sunburn, are accompanied by redness and slight swelling. The combination of high-quality ingredients in the ilon wound care ointment nourishes and protects stressed skin over the long term, soothes it and reduces the risk of inflammation.


Minor injuries can easily occur during everyday household chores, sports or games. For the mostly harmless wounds, simple first aid measures are usually sufficient. ilon Wound Care Ointment can help to support the healing process. The use of the ointment promotes cell renewal and thus contributes to faster and better regeneration of the injured skin.


Can I also use the ilon wound care ointment to prevent diaper rash?

In principle, it is possible to prevent diaper rash with the help of ilon wound care ointment. The zinc oxide contained in the ointment forms a thin, protective layer on the skin and has antimicrobial properties. This prevents the destruction of the protective acid mantle of the baby's skin and can thus prevent various bacteria and fungi from penetrating the skin via urine and stool. In addition, the natural moisture of the baby's skin is preserved.

Can the ilon wound care ointment also help with a sore nose caused by a cold?

The unique and full-fledged combination of active ingredients in the ilon wound care ointment is also able to provide relief. A long-lasting cold combined with dry air often leads to painful redness around the entrance to the nose and upper lip. However, the ilon wound care ointment as Zinc Ointment Plus can help with this unpleasant and painful side effect of a cold. The balanced composition of active ingredients in the wound care ointment from ilon restores elasticity and moisture to the sensitive areas around the nose and mouth. In addition, the contained zinc oxide and the natural fatty acids and vitamins protect the cracked nose and mouth area from infections and inflammation. In addition, the olive oil soothes the skin and promotes rapid regeneration. Finally, the valuable natural oils from lavender and citrus fruits ensure a pleasant and delicate scent.

Does ilon wound care ointment help against dry armpits in old age?

With the comprehensive active ingredient complex of the ilon wound care ointment, particularly stressed areas of the skin can be cared for in a natural and gentle way and kept in good condition with regular use. As we age, our skin becomes progressively more brittle and dry and ultimately loses its elasticity and strength. This can cause cracks and inflammation in areas of the skin that are more stressed, such as the groin and armpits.

The ilon wound care ointment has herbal ingredients with particularly caring and protective properties. In addition to natural olive oil, which promotes new formation and regeneration of the skin due to the unsaturated fatty acids and is particularly well tolerated by sensitive parts of the body, the high-quality zinc oxide in particular ensures that the body's natural moisture is retained. Furthermore, cod liver oil and wool fat ensure that the natural skin barrier of these parts of the body is improved.

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ILON wound care ointment

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