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IMODIUM® acute lingual orodispersible tablets for acute diarrhea

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Quick help for acute diarrhea

For more than 40 years, IMODIUM® has been providing acute relief from acute diarrhea . Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to treat acute diarrhea . IMODIUM ® acute is the number 1* diarrhea drug . The diarrhea tablets in our range contain the active ingredient loperamide and help to relieve acute diarrhea quickly and well tolerably.

*Source: Market share sales at retail prices, total pharmacies, non-prescription medicines for diarrhea, Insight Health, 05/2021 - 04/2022

IMODIUM ® acute lingual

  • The emergency aid acute diarrhea with the active ingredient Loperamide
  • The melting tablets melt immediately on the tongue
  • Take without water, making it ideal for on the go or if you have nausea
  • diarrhea tablets with a pleasant mint taste, free of gluten and lactose

This is what happens with acute diarrhea:

Acute diarrhea is a sign that the digestive system is out of rhythm. If the digestive system is functioning properly, nutrients, electrolytes and fluids from the food in the intestines are absorbed into the body. The indigestible components of food remain in the stool and are then excreted.

Acute diarrheal illnesses, on the other hand, can lead to…

  • ...intestinal movement (motility) is increased and the intestines work faster.
  • ...the food is transported faster and the body has less time to absorb the nutrients, electrolytes and fluids through the intestines.
  • ... the secretion is increased and the body releases more liquid into the intestine.

The result is increased stool frequency and stool consistency that is too liquid.

This is how IMODIUM ® works acutely lingually – immediate help for acute diarrhea

IMODIUM ® acute lingual is immediate help for acute diarrhea . The melting tablet with a pleasant mint taste melts immediately on the tongue and can therefore be taken without water - ideal for on the go and traveling or if acute diarrhea is accompanied by nausea.

The IMODIUM ® acute lingual diarrhea tablets contain the active ingredient loperamide . Taking the diarrhea drug mainly reduces the increased intestinal movement. This allows food to stay in the gut longer, allowing your body to absorb more water, nutrients, and electrolytes from it.

In addition, the increased release of water and electrolytes into the intestine during diarrhea is reduced. As a result, stool frequency and consistency return to normal. This can counteract the loss of fluid and electrolytes.

The positive properties of the active ingredient loperamide:

  • It shortens the duration of the diarrhea Significant: Approximately 70-80% of patients have none 24 hours after taking it Diarrhea more.
  • It counteracts dehydration (drying out) by improving the absorption of nutrients and fluids thanks to the slowed transport speed of food.
  • Symptomatic relief of acute diarrhea so that the body can concentrate on fighting the causes

traveler's diarrhea? Well prepared with IMODIUM ® acute lingual in your first-aid kit

Traveler's diarrhea is a fairly common travel sickness. Depending on the travel destination, there is an increased risk of contracting diarrhea due to, for example, low standards of hygiene and drinking water. Therefore, in addition to the usual travel medication, diarrhea medication should not be missing in the first-aid kit . Because even the most cautious traveler can get hit.

Thanks to the practical orodispersible tablet , IMODIUM ® acute lingual is particularly suitable on the go or when travelling. It can be easily taken without water and has a quick and well-tolerated effect against acute diarrhea , so that you can enjoy your holiday again as quickly as possible.

You can download your first-aid kit checklist here .

Causes and triggers: Acute diarrhea

Acute diarrhea can be attributed to various causes: The most common causes include poor diet, increased stress or stomach flu.

  • Gastrointestinal flu : In Germany, around 65 million cases of gastroenteritis occur every year. It is also called gastroenteritis and is usually caused by viruses or bacteria. One of the symptoms of the disease is acute diarrhea .

  • Eating habits and intolerances : Diarrhea can not only be caused by certain foods, but also by e.g. B. Eating too fast, too fatty, too spicy or too late can be caused. In addition, allergies to certain foods or food intolerances can occur Diarrhea cause.

  • Stress : High levels of stress can affect our stomach and intestines. It doesn't matter whether the stress arises in private or professional everyday life. Occasions such as an exam or an important presentation can often throw the rhythm of everyday life and thus your digestion out of sync.

What to do against diarrhea: home remedies, diarrhea remedies & Co.

Prompt treatment of acute diarrhea is especially important to avoid dehydration (dryness) of the body. Diarrhea medication, proper diet, and home remedies can help relieve your symptoms.

  • Symptomatic treatment with the diarrhea drug IMODIUM acute lingual : The tablets against acute diarrhea contain the active ingredient Loperamide and primarily reduce the increased intestinal movement caused by diarrhea. This gives the body more time to remove the water from the food in the intestines. In addition, the increased secretion is reduced. This reduces the increased stool frequency and the consistency becomes firmer again. It is recommended next to one Diarrhea medication consuming an electrolyte solution to rebalance the electrolyte balance.

  • Pay attention to nutrition : You are welcome to eat foods such as rusks, rice, potatoes and oatmeal. Spicy and fatty foods, sweet drinks, dairy products, coffee and alcohol should be avoided. You should also drink a lot, preferably water and tea.

  • With home remedies against diarrhea can the digestive system in case of mild Diarrhea be supported: Drink a lot diarrheal diseases always very useful. If you only suffer from mild diarrhea, drinking herbal or fruit tea can help your body relieve the symptoms.

IMODIUM acute lingual

IMODIUM acute hard capsules

IMODIUM acute duo

Product advantages
  • The emergency aid for acute diarrhea melts immediately on the tongue
  • Easy to take without water, therefore also suitable for accompanying nausea
  • Practical and discreet solution for on the go
  • Free from lactose and gluten
  • Proven for more than 40 years
  • Quick relief from acute diarrhea
  • Well tolerated
  • With duo effect
  • Unique combination of active ingredients: loperamide + simeticone
  • In addition to relieving acute diarrhea, it also relieves cramps and flatulence
Application For acute diarrhea For acute diarrhea For acute diarrhea with flatulence or cramps
Dosage form orodispersible tablet Hard capsule tablet
intake Without water With water With water
Pack size 6 pieces, 12 pieces 6 pieces, 12 pieces 6 pieces, 12 pieces

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IMODIUM® acute lingual orodispersible tablets for acute diarrhea

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