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KADEFUNGIN moisturizing gel

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KadeFungin ® - your expert for intimate health

Normally women don't have to worry about their intimate areas. It usually works perfectly and protects against fungi and bacteria. But many women know the problem when it itches and burns, and the discharge increases or even smells. The symptoms are distressing and impair well-being.

As an expert in intimate health, KadeFungin offers women a variety of products that help quickly and reliably. Before starting any treatment, we recommend addressing the issues of vaginal infections and vaginal dryness. And find out what role the vaginal flora plays in this. Understanding how it works can help prevent recurring infections and properly care for the vagina.

vaginal dryness? No thanks!

What is vaginal dryness?

Girls and women of all ages are affected by vaginal dryness. In particular, women who use micropills or women in or after menopause complain of various symptoms such as burning, itching, skin irritation and pain during sex , which can be attributed to a dry vagina. But stress, taking certain medications or specific metabolic diseases can also be the cause.

A visit to a specialist is crucial because if vaginal dryness persists or recurs, it can be an indication of a hormone deficiency. A gynecological examination can determine whether a hormonal change, such as during menopause, is responsible or whether medication or an existing illness (e.g. diabetes) could be the trigger.

Causes of vaginal dryness?

Social and psychological causes:

  • stress
  • Fear
  • nervousness
  • Problems in the partnership
  • traumatic experiences
  • mental illness

Physical and medical causes:

  • Influence of harmful substances (e.g. through smoking)
  • Hormonal fluctuations during and after pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Taking certain preparations that cause an estrogen deficiency
  • Taking certain preparations that have too low an estrogen dosage (e.g. micropills)
  • Illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes or multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer therapies (e.g. hormone withdrawal therapy or surgical removal/radiation of the ovaries)

Treat vaginal dryness without hormones

The suffering caused by dryness symptoms is usually considerable. Pain during sex can also put a strain on the relationship. Depending on the cause, different treatment options can be considered. For women who do not want to or cannot use hormones, hormone-free preparations are a good recommendation.

The crystal clear, odorless KadeFungin ® moistening gel with long-chain hyaluronic acid for daily care of the intimate zone provides soothing moisture, relieves dryness-related complaints and ensures a pleasant - and long-lasting - lubricating film even in intimate situations. It is suitable for use with condoms.

KadeFungin ® moistening ovula are vaginal suppositories for use in the vagina. They are particularly recommended for women with menopausal symptoms and especially for patients after cancer therapy. The short-chain hyaluronic acid it contains penetrates deep into the tissue and accelerates the healing of the vaginal skin. Vitamin A and E have an antioxidant effect and protect the intimate area.

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KADEFUNGIN moisturizing gel

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