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KAMISTAD Gel 20g - Effective help with mouth and gum problems

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For mild inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa.

Inflammation in the mouth and throat usually occurs in the form of swelling and redness, which can often be very painful.

Older people are particularly affected because dentures are a particular endurance test for the oral mucosa. Especially with the new adaptation of partial or full dentures in the upper and lower jaw area, there is often a long adjustment period of several weeks to months.
In this phase, pain and reddened pressure points are not uncommon and make this time considerably more difficult.

The situation is usually very similar for young people who wear braces. They can literally rub against the oral mucosa. Pressure points and inflammation are the result.
If the symptoms do not subside after a few weeks, it is advisable to visit the orthodontist again.

Small white spots the size of a lentil are usually so-called aphthae, one of the most common and usually quite painful diseases of the mucous membrane. They can occur individually or in groups and are always very painful and stressful for those affected.

Other triggers for the development of painful sores in the mouth:

  • insufficient dental hygiene
  • a weakened immune system, since pathogens cannot be warded off or only insufficiently
  • a lack of certain vitamins or iron (taking vitamin supplements would make sense here)
  • Contact allergy (e.g. tongue piercing)
  • other allergic reactions to food or medication

For medicines: Read the leaflet on the risks and side effects and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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KAMISTAD Gel 20g - Effective help with mouth and gum problems

€13,67 EUR

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