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KIJIMEA Regularis Granules

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Kijimea® Regularis – for a new gut feeling

Are you one of the 25 million Germans who regularly suffer from sluggish digestion or a bloated stomach? Then Kijimea ® offers you Regularis now remedy.

The intestines do a lot for us, even if we only notice a little of it in everyday life. However, with stress, a low-fiber diet or with increasing age, intestinal activity decreases.

The result: the transport of food in the intestine comes to a standstill and therefore takes significantly longer - irregular bowel movements and even constipation are the result. Many of those affected feel uncomfortable and heavy as a result. A bloated stomach is often an additional problem of sluggish digestion.

Due to the slowed intestinal activity, excessive amounts of gas build up in the intestines. The stomach feels permanently bloated and the abdominal circumference increases measurably.

Kijimea® Regularis offers a solution for sluggish digestion, constipation and bloated stomach! Thanks to its unique Synformularis2 fiber complex, Kijimea ® works Regularis double: It activates intestinal activity and thus gets digestion going again in a natural way. The unique Synformularis2 fiber complex is activated by water within a few seconds, but only swells in the intestines. The intestinal muscles are gently stretched and given the impulse to move normally again. The intestines get going again on their own – plannably and reliably. Kijimea® Regularis reduces the surface tension of gases in the intestine. This disintegrates and dissolves. This also reduces bloating. Your stomach finally feels pleasantly flat and light again.

Kijimea Regularis® is a class IIb medical device for the gentle treatment of sluggish digestion, constipation, bloated stomach and flatulence. Kijimea® Regularis has a purely physical effect and gets digestion going again in a natural way. Even with long-term use, there is no habituation effect. For Kijimea® There are no known side effects or interactions with Regularis. Kijimea® Regularis does not contain preservatives, lactose, gluten or gelatin.

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KIJIMEA Regularis Granules

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