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Lansinoh® nursing shield 24 mm

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When used for short periods, Lansinoh® nipple shields can be an effective aid to overcome problems with latch-on. Such can e.g. B. occur with flat nipples, inverted nipples or inverted nipples, with a strong milk ejection reflex or with a shortened tongue and/or lip tie in the baby. They can also help premature babies, sick or weak-feeding newborns to learn to drink from the breast.

The adapted shape of the Lansinoh® nipple shields enables the greatest possible skin contact between mother and baby to be promoted. The specially developed tip of the Lansinoh® nipple shield helps the infant to grip the nipple shield particularly well with their lips. The Lansinoh® nipple shields are available in two sizes - size 1 (20 mm) and size 2 (24 mm) including a practical transport box for hygienic storage.


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Lansinoh® nursing shield 24 mm

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