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meridol gum protection antibacterial mouthwash

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meridol ® mouthwash

– Combats the causes of bacterial gum disease

meridol ® mouthwash works effectively and keeps your teeth and gums healthy

  • Up to 68% stronger plaque reduction 2
  • Mouthwash prevents bleeding gums
  • Protects against irritated gums
  • Prevents periodontitis and tooth decay
  • Clinical efficacy confirmed
  • Without alcohol
  • The antibacterial effect of the mouthwash protects against gum inflammation

Immediate reduction of bacteria due to dual active formula

Bacteria prefer to settle on the gum line and are the main cause of gingivitis. By fighting bacteria, meridol ® gum protection mouthwash helps to prevent bleeding gums, with a long-lasting effect.

This mouthwash for the gums contains a unique combination of active ingredients. The 2-fold active formula works immediately and helps to reduce bacteria.

Effectively prevent inflammation of your gums

Healthy gums are important for overall health. With meridol ® gum protection mouthwash you can actively contribute to protecting your mouth from gingivitis and other symptoms such as bleeding gums. This gum mouthwash contains a unique combination of active ingredients. The 2-fold active formula quickly combats the cause of bleeding gums before they occur and offers long-lasting protection*.

It also combats the symptoms of incipient gingivitis. In addition, the active ingredients in this mouthwash against gingivitis have an antibacterial effect and are immediately distributed throughout the mouth, where they act immediately.

The formation of bacteria is reduced over a long period of time and inflammation of your gums is effectively prevented. This mouthwash for the gums not only protects against gingivitis and the development of bacteria, but also against bleeding gums, receding gums, periodontitis and tooth decay.

When used daily, meridol ® gum protection mouthwash ensures that the natural balance of your oral flora is maintained and thus contributes to your lasting health. 2 Fights bacteria before bleeding gums occur.


• Rinse mouth 1-2 times a day for about 30 seconds after brushing your teeth
• Use 10 ml undiluted meridol ® mouthwash for this purpose
• Do not swallow and do not rinse
• For adults and children from 6 years


Gum disease is a progressive process. If you recognize the symptoms early enough, you can act in good time. Periodontitis is always preceded by marginal inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). Gingivitis can progress to periodontitis without noticing any clear signs. Apart from occasional bleeding gums, the following signs should be taken seriously: bad breath, change in tooth position, teeth that appear to be getting longer or loosened, and occasional feelings of tension in the affected area.


According to the latest findings, gum
Inflammation and periodontitis have far-reaching effects on our overall state of health. If inflammation of the gums is not stopped, it can spread to the jawbone and gradually lead to its degradation. But not only dental health is affected: untreated periodontitis is associated with an increased likelihood of complications from heart disease, diabetes and pregnancy.


Inflammation of the gums has one cause - plaque. Therefore, daily thorough cleaning is important. Twice-daily brushing, supplemented by a once-daily cleaning and rinsing of all interdental spaces, will prevent bacterial plaque build-up and reduce the total number of bacteria in the mouth. An antibacterial mouthwash and toothpaste can complement manual cleaning. Regular visits to the dentist and professional teeth cleaning are also important for oral care.


Does meridol ® mouthwash also help with acute inflammation?

meridol ® mouthwash was developed to protect against gum problems and to regenerate irritated gums. If more serious acute inflammation occurs, meridol ® med CHX 0.2% can also be used. The dentist should be consulted for further advice.

Can tooth discoloration occur when using meridol ® mouthwash?

In connection with the individual saliva composition, certain medications or personal eating habits (such as tea, coffee, nicotine) and an effective mouth cleaning, slight superficial and harmless discolouration can occur in rare cases.

In order to reduce the risk of discoloration, we recommend using meridol ® mouthwash in the evening after thorough tooth cleaning. In any case, the discoloration can be easily removed with professional tooth cleaning.

What does the inscription «Clinically proven effectiveness» on the meridol ® packaging mean?

Numerous clinical studies have shown both the effectiveness of the individual products and the effectiveness when used in combination. "Clinical" means that the tests were carried out on users, ie under real conditions.

The meridol ® tests were carried out by independent universities according to the highest scientific standards and published in recognized specialist journals.

Can meridol ® products be used during pregnancy?

Yes. meridol ® is particularly recommended during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the risk of gum disease. meridol ® counteracts this and helps to protect the gums so that they remain healthy during and after pregnancy.

We also recommend the meridol ® system for diabetics. meridol ® products counteract the triple risk of periodontitis associated with diabetes and underline the importance of good dental health for people with diabetes.

1 The growth of plaque bacteria is inhibited and bleeding gums are prevented.
2 compared to brushing alone - Source: Hamad et al., Poster presented at Europerio 2015

Image sources: istockphoto/Kurhan, istockphoto/AndreyPopov, istockphoto/PeopleImages, istockphoto/stockfour

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meridol gum protection antibacterial mouthwash

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