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meridol ® gum protection & fresh breath mouthwash

– Offers effective protection against bad breath and bleeding gums by combating the causes

How does bad breath occur?

In 9 out of 10 cases, bad breath arises in the mouth itself. In rare cases, other causes such as throat or sinus diseases or the ingestion of certain pharmacological substances can also be considered as the cause of bad breath.

The main cause of bad breath is bacteria that produce organic material such as: B. leftovers, decompose. 60-80% of these bacteria are found on the surface of the tongue - most of them on the back of the tongue. The decomposition produces, among other things, sulfur compounds that we perceive as having an unpleasant smell.

meridol ® gum protection & fresh breath mouthwash

  • Protects against bad breath & bleeding gums*
  • Dual action formula with zinc combats the causes of bleeding gums and bad breath without alcohol
  • Neutralizes the bacteria that cause bleeding gums and bad breath
  • Supports the natural regeneration of your gums
  • Protects you from bad breath for 12 hours
  • Effective from the first application

* Fights bacteria before bleeding gums occur

What can I do about bad breath?

Thorough and systematic oral hygiene is the most effective way to combat bad breath.

Thoroughly clean the spaces between your teeth with dental floss or interdental brushes and clean your tongue regularly with the meridol ® tongue cleaner and the meridol gum protection & fresh breath toothpaste.

Lozenges or chewing gum that promise fresh breath only mask bad breath for a short time; However, they do not eliminate the cause and the smell quickly returns. Untreated gingivitis or periodontitis can also lead to bad breath.

Help protect your mouth from bleeding gums and bad breath: with meridol Gum Protection & Fresh Breath Mouthwash.

This mouthwash for the gums was developed with a special dual-action formula with zinc that gently combats the causes of bleeding gums and bad breath.

The formula in this mouthwash for bleeding gums not only neutralizes the bacteria that cause bleeding gums and bad breath, but also reduces new bacteria formation. This means that the gum mouthwash supports the natural regeneration of your gums and protects you from bad breath for 12 hours.

The formula of this mouthwash for the gums not only inhibits the formation of bacteria to prevent gum inflammation, but also activates the rapid distribution of the active ingredients in the oral cavity so that they can work immediately. It eliminates bad breath-causing bacteria on the teeth and tongue and neutralizes bad breath immediately.

In addition, this mouthwash effectively protects against plaque formation, gum inflammation, bleeding gums, gum recession, periodontal disease, tooth decay and tartar. Daily use helps maintain the natural balance of the oral flora. Enjoy gentle, effective care for your teeth, gums and breath with meridol gum protection & fresh breath mouthwash.


After brushing your teeth, rinse twice daily for 60 seconds with 15 ml (use undiluted).

Gargle briefly, do not swallow, do not rinse.

The mouthwash is suitable for long-term use and should always be used in addition to daily mouth and teeth cleaning.

For adults and children aged 12 and over.


What causes bad breath?

There are numerous causes of bad breath, including: plaque and tartar (poor oral hygiene), inflammation of the gums (gingivitis and periodontitis), certain foods, alcohol or cigarettes, diabetes, dry mouth, sinus or throat infections, pneumonia or - abscesses, kidney/liver failure, gastrointestinal complaints and adherence to a strict low-carbohydrate diet.

How can I also prevent bad breath?

The key to pleasantly fresh breath lies in optimal and regular oral hygiene at home as well as professional support from your dentist.

Cleaning your tongue is very important here. To brush your teeth and clean your tongue, you can buy a toothbrush with a tongue brush on the back or the meridol ® tongue cleaner.

After brushing the teeth in the upper and lower jaw with an antibacterial toothpaste, switch to the tongue brush by turning the toothbrush; start at the back of the tongue and then pull the tongue brush forward. After cleaning this area of ​​the tongue, rinse the tongue brush with warm water to remove any odor-causing bacteria.

Then repeat this process, from the back of the tongue to the front, until the entire tongue is cleaned.

What symptoms and signs indicate gum disease?

The German Society for Periodontology lists the following symptoms that can occur with gum disease:

  • Severely red or swollen gums.
  • bleeding gums.
  • Pus discharge from the gum pockets.
  • Persistent bad breath and/or unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  • sensitive teeth.
  • The gums recede.
  • The teeth become loose.

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€8,49 EUR

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