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MOMETAHEXAL hay fever spray

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MOMETAHEXAL is a spray from Hexal AG.
MometaHEXAL ® hay fever spray
The blue power allergy spray:
  • Particularly effective
  • Frees the nose
  • Soothes the eyes - and that as a nasal spray**
  • With long-term effect - works for 24 hours with only 1x daily application
  • Does not make you tired and has a targeted local effect
  • Non-addictive and can be used throughout allergy season Clears the nose and soothes the eyes - strong and long-lasting
    MometaHEXAL ® Hay fever spray is the No. 1 allergy nasal spray in Germany.* Due to its strong and comprehensive effect, it combats the typical symptoms of the nose (blocked nose, runny nose, itching and sneezing) particularly effectively. At the same time Mometason also relieves tears, itching and reddening of the eyes.** Sprayed into the nose only once a day, MometaHEXAL ® works for 24 hours, exactly where the symptoms arise. This makes it particularly effective, well tolerated and can be used continuously throughout the hay fever season. MometaHEXAL ® does not make you tired and there is no habituation effect. On the contrary: early and regular use a few days before the pollen count even ensures that the symptoms are better controlled from the start and are no longer as pronounced.
    * IQVIA Pharmatrend, sales figures from pharmacies, Jan - Dec 2021
    ** In the case of very severe eye symptoms, the accompanying use of anti-allergic eye drops can provide additional relief.

    MOMETAHEXAL - Clears the nose, particularly powerful

    The special ingredients:
  • mometasone furoate

  • Consumption recommendation:
    Pay attention to the correct application, it is best to spray while standing, tilting your head slightly forward and holding the bottle upright. Important: Do not spray in the direction of the nasal septum, but parallel to it. It is best to spray with the left hand into the right nostril and vice versa.

    Application Notes:
    MometaHEXAL ® hay fever spray should be used regularly once a day during the pollen season. Use two sprays in each nostril for the first few days. Once symptoms such as sneezing, runny or stuffy nose are under control, a lower dose of one spray per nostril may be sufficient.
    Tip for severe hay fever: Spray the allergy spray into your nose at the first sign of hay fever symptoms or, even better, a few days before the pollen starts to fly.
    In order for the active ingredient to have an optimal effect in the nose, the right spraying technique is important
    Step 1: Shake the bottle before use. Clean your nose carefully. Then take the bottle and remove the protective cap.
    Step 2: Now close one nostril and insert the nose piece about 1 cm deep into the other nostril. It is best to spray while standing and look at your feet. Hold the bottle upright and pointing slightly outwards, not towards the nasal septum. It is best to spray with the left hand into the right nostril and vice versa.
    Step 3: Inhale gently through your nose while simultaneously spraying 1 puff into your nose by triggering the push button ONCE. Exhale through your mouth and repeat this step if necessary. Then repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other nostril.

    Mandatory text

    For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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    MOMETAHEXAL hay fever spray

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