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MULTI-MAM Compresses - Intensive care and treatment of sore and irritated nipples.

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Multi- Mam® Compresses for intensive care and treatment of sore and irritated nipples

During breastfeeding, the release of the hormone oxytocin promotes the unique bond between mother and baby. This feeling of well-being can be disturbed in the beginning by sore nipples.

Nipple problems are common during breastfeeding. Nursing compresses are used for:

  • Nipple problems caused by breastfeeding
  • Painful, sore or swollen nipples
  • blisters, sore nipples and skin peeling
  • Insufficient moisture of the nipple skin

The compresses are soft impermeable cotton compresses and form a pleasant protection of the nipple. These work in a similar way to breastfeeding cooling pads and thus support the natural healing process. At the same time, they also serve as breast care because they improve the tissue condition of the nipple skin.

Reviewed by midwives

In an expert test, midwives gave the Multi-Mam compresses an overall rating of "very good" (kidsgo Q3/2020).

This is how the Multi-Mam ® work Compresses

Each chest compress is impregnated with a gel containing the patented 2QR complex. It is an extract from the aloe babadensis. This natural substance of plant origin has the unique property of protecting tissues from contact with harmful bacteria, similar to a nipple cream or nipple ointment. Multi- Mam® Compresses form a pleasant protection on the nipple and support the natural healing process through optimal conditions. They also have a fast, cooling and calming effect on nipple pain.

Harmful microorganisms are effectively neutralized from the Aloe Barbadensis leaf gel. The compresses are based on herbal ingredients and are free of fragrances and hormones.

The compresses are practical

The gel in the compress does not need to be removed before breastfeeding. It consists of natural, plant-based ingredients and is safe for the baby. The Multi-Mam ® Compresses are also suitable for on the go because each pad is hygienically individually packaged and is therefore suitable for taking with you in your diaper bag.

Application of Multi-Mam ® Compresses

Use one compress per application. The compresses should not be used for more than 30 consecutive days. You can repeat the compress treatment at least twice a day until the irritation has disappeared.

  • Open the letter
  • Take out the compress and unfold it
  • Place the compress with the gel side on the nipple

Leave the compress on for as long as needed, a minimum of 10 minutes, ideally 30 minutes, up to a maximum of an hour.

Storage of the Multi-Mam ® Compresses

Store in the original packaging at room temperature between 10°C and 25°C out of the reach of children. You can see the expiry date on the letter and packaging.

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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MULTI-MAM Compresses - Intensive care and treatment of sore and irritated nipples.

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