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MULTILIND healing ointment with nystatin and zinc oxide

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Multilind ® Healing ointment Zinc ointment for sore skin

  • The No.1 for sore skin 1 and diaper rash 2
  • Proven wound and healing ointment with zinc oxide and nystatin
  • Relieves itching, inhibits inflammation and promotes healing
  • Protects against yeast infections
  • Special ointment base for painless application

Multilind ® Healing Ointment Zinc ointment for sore and inflamed skin with zinc oxide and the anti-yeast active ingredient nystatin


Protect, sweat, feel, sense – our skin is a real all-rounder and functionally the most versatile and largest organ in the human body. It protects us from environmental influences, regulates our heat balance and serves to demarcate inside and outside. Inflammations and wounds can affect the functions of our skin.

Whether for diaper rash, for athletes who have run wild or for red, itchy spots or skin damage caused by pressure, while breastfeeding or by mechanical friction: The proven Multilind healing ointment helps sore skin with a highly effective combination of zinc oxide and nystatin. If the skin is damaged in some areas, bacteria and fungi have an easy time of it - they can penetrate small wounds and worsen the inflammation caused by a yeast infection.

This often results in a weeping and itchy rash. The proven number 1 for sore skin 1 and diaper dermatitis 2 relieves itching, inhibits inflammation, promotes healing and can be applied gently and painlessly thanks to the special ointment base with a soft formula.

  • Relieves itching and inhibits inflammation
  • Promotes healing
  • Protects against yeast infections
  • Soft formula for painless application


The active ingredient nystatin is used to prevent and treat skin infections caused by yeast fungi such as Candida albicans. Nystatin attaches to the cell walls of the fungi and perforates them. The active ingredient thereby prevents the fungi from multiplying and kills them.

Nystatin is well tolerated, even in babies and small children, because it is not absorbed into the body. There is no evidence of resistance development.


The proven active ingredient zinc oxide dries sore, inflamed skin, inhibits inflammation and relieves itching. The formation of new skin tissue and thus wound healing is promoted while the proliferation of bacteria is reduced.

Apply the Multilind ® healing ointment to the affected skin areas one to several times a day. Treatment should continue for a few days after complete healing


Nystatin and zinc oxide. 1 g of paste contains 100,000 IU nystatin and 200 mg zinc oxide, thick paraffin, polyethylene, citrus rose perfume oil.

1 No. 1 regulation for wound healing products and dermatological antimycotics, IQVIA DiagnosisMonitor 12/2021
2 No. 1 regulation for dermatological antimyotic drugs, IQVIA Diagnosis Monitor 12/2021

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MULTILIND healing ointment with nystatin and zinc oxide

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