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Nasic Nasal Spray - Quick relief from stuffy nose and cold symptoms

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nasic® – decongestant nasal spray.

  • works from the first spray*
  • relieves blocked noses quickly and for a long time**
  • helps to heal the nose from the inside
  • Stable & targeted application thanks to special spray head with wide wing support

The combination of active ingredients xylometazoline and dexpanthenol relieves nasal congestion quickly and for a long time** and promotes healing of the damaged nasal mucosa.

*within from 5-10 minutes
** up to 3 x daily

Difficult breathing through the nose is not the only thing that torments us when we have a cold: the nose is often sore and irritated. nasic® relieves the cold symptoms with the active ingredient combination of xylometazoline and dexpanthenol.
Xylometazoline constricts the vessels of the mucous membrane and can thus ensure rapid and long-lasting** swelling. Dexpanthenol also supports the healing of the nasal mucosa, which is attacked by blowing the nose and dehydration. The active ingredients in nasic® complement each other – so you can get rid of your cold faster! 1

1 vs. xylometazoline monopreparations, study conducted with nasic®, Mösges R et al., Adv Ther. 2017; 34(8): 1850–1858.

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Nasic Nasal Spray - Quick relief from stuffy nose and cold symptoms

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