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nicorette freshmint lozenge 4 mg

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nicorette freshmint lozenges: Discreetly fight smoking cravings

Nicorette lozenges 4mg freshmint are lozenges from Johnson & Johnson GmbH (OTC).
nicorette lozenges: discreetly fight smoking cravings:

nicorette supports you and your will on the way to being smoke-free! With the nicorette lozenges you supply your body with therapeutic nicotine, so that withdrawal symptoms are alleviated while you avoid the harmful substances of cigarettes.

And you don't even notice that: The tablets for smoking cessation dissolve by sucking them. Packed in a handy dispenser, they fit in your pocket.

The nicorette lozenge tastes of mint, leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness and is sugar-free.

nicorette lozenges 4mg freshmint - Discreet help in a handy dispenser for smoking cessation

The special ingredients:
  • nicotine

  • Consumption recommendation:
    Use the nicorette lozenges when you feel the need for a cigarette. Start with 8-12 tablets per day and suck no more than 15 tablets per day. Put a lozenge in your mouth and occasionally swish it around until it dissolves.

    Application Notes:

    Put a nicorette freshmint lozenge on your tongue and keep pushing it back and forth. After 20 minutes at the latest, the tablet has dissolved. Please note:

    • Refrain from eating and drinking during the application.
    • Avoid acidic foods or drinks (like coffee or juice) 15 minutes before and after application.
    • You should neither chew nor swallow nicorette lozenges whole, but suck them.

    For an instant Quitting smoking using the final point method use the following dosage recommendation as a guide:

    Week 1-6: Lozenges instead of cigarettes

    Suck 8-12 tablets throughout the day, whenever you feel like smoking (max. 15 tablets per day).

    Week 7-12: Reduction of the number of tablets

    Gradually reduce the nicorette lozenges. Your goal: only 1-2 tablets per day in week 12; then reduction to 0.

    If you stop smoking slowly with the Decrease reduction method If you want, use this process as a guide:

    Within the first 6 weeks: reduce cigarette consumption by 50%

    Cut your cigarette consumption in half; use the lozenges to increase the distance between 2 cigarettes.

    After 6 weeks at the latest: Reduce further until you stop smoking completely

    Reduction of cigarette consumption to 0, one lozenge when craving smoke.

    After 9 months at the latest: stop completely

    Do not use cigarettes or lozenges.

    The lozenges are white in color.
    Ideally, store the lozenges dry and protected from light. The storage temperature should not exceed 25 °C.

    Warnings: For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
    Johnson & Johnson GmbH, 41470 Neuss. Status: 08/2019


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    For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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    nicorette freshmint lozenge 4 mg

    €38,91 EUR
    €32,49 EUR

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