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Nicorette Mint Spray 1 mg/puff NFC - 2 pcs.

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nicorette ® Spray relieves acute cravings for smoking in just 30 seconds with 2 sprays. Now with the motivating tracking app "nicorette ® non-smokers” connect.

If you stop smoking, the body often reacts with withdrawal symptoms, such as an acute urge to smoke or increased irritability. Especially in these difficult moments, nicorette ® supports Spray your willpower. It relieves acute smoking cravings and withdrawal symptoms in just 30 seconds (with 2 sprays) and works faster than all other nicorette ® nicotine replacement products. The rapid effectiveness of the nicotine spray can be crucial, especially at critical moments, to avoid reaching for a cigarette.

The motivating tracking app "nicorette ® Non-smoker” can be used with the nicorette ® Spray to be connected. Thanks to the integrated NFC chip, every use of the nicorette ® spray can be easily tracked with the app. To do this, hold the nicorette ® spray against the app after use and thus get an overview of the use of the nicorette ® spray.

The nicorette ® Spray is available in two flavors: als nicorette ® mint spray with a minty-fresh taste and as a fruit & mint spray with a fruity-fresh taste. There is also the nicorette ® Sprays in different pack sizes, as a single, double or bulk pack with 3 or even 6 sprays, so that you can concentrate fully on your smoking cessation.

A nicotine spray contains 150 sprays and replaces up to 150 cigarettes." Instructions for use:

Unlocking and opening the dispenser:

The nicotine spray is equipped with a child lock, please note the following information for unlocking:

1.Use your thumb to slide the button down until you can easily press it inward. Don't press too hard.

2.Hold the button and slide it up.

3.When the spray head is pushed out, the spray is unlocked and ready to use.

Before the first application:

Before the spray is used for the first time, activate the spray pump. To do this, hold the product at a safe distance from yourself and others and press the spray head down several times until a fine mist comes out. If you haven't used the spray for 2 days or more, repeat this process.

Use of the spray:

·Hold the spray tip as close as possible to your open mouth.

·1-2 sprays replace a cigarette.

·Use one spray by firmly pressing the top of the dispenser once.

If after one puff the urge to smoke does not go away within a few minutes, a second puff should be used.

·Spray into the oral cavity or sideways into the cheek pouch without inhaling, swallowing or wetting your lips.

Please do not eat or drink during the process.

·Relock the spray after use.

Maximum dose : Maximum

· 2 sprays in a row

· 4 sprays per hour

· 64 sprays per day

Warnings: "

Nicorette® mint spray, 1 mg/puff

Active substance: Nicotine. Field of use: Treatment of tobacco dependence in adults by relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms, including cravings, when attempting to quit smoking immediately, or reducing cigarette consumption (smoking reduction) in order to achieve smoking cessation. Complete cessation of smoking should be the ultimate goal. Warning: Contains ethanol, propylene glycol and butylated hydroxytoluene.

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Johnson & Johnson GmbH, 41470 Neuss. Status: 11/2021


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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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Nicorette Mint Spray 1 mg/puff NFC - 2 pcs.

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