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NYDA express against lice & nits

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The quick and effective solution against lice and nits

NYDA ® express combats head lice, larvae and eggs in just 10 minutes. The effect of the lice treatment is based on the unique 2-stage dimeticone: With the help of two silicone oils that close the respiratory system of the head lice, larvae and eggs, the parasites are effectively killed. This physical principle of action does not put any strain on the human organism and there is no increased risk of allergic reactions.

The pack with the user-friendly pump spray includes a lice comb with which the dead lice and nits are combed out after treatment.

Quick solution with comb

  • Only 10 minutes exposure time
  • Enclosed lice comb
  • Scientifically proven effectiveness

Lice free in express time

Head lice infestations are common and usually occur where many children come together - in kindergartens and schools. Contrary to many prejudices, lice do not nest because of poor hygiene. Although head lice are not dangerous, they are sometimes very stubborn. Physical therapy has proven to be effective for reliably combating the annoying parasites: The unique 2-stage dimeticone contained in NYDA ® express penetrates the breathing openings of the lice and nits and thus leads to the parasites' death by suffocation.


NYDA ® express is used on dry hair. Spray NYDA ® express onto the hairline and massage the lice treatment in thoroughly until the hair is completely wetted. After allowing it to act for 10 minutes, comb the hair starting from the hairline using the enclosed lice comb to remove the lifeless lice, larvae and nits. After the treatment, wash your hair with a normal shampoo.

The Robert Koch Institute recommends repeating the application of each lice treatment after 8 to 10 days.


Head lice mainly affect children. In kindergartens, schools and during leisure activities where many children play and run around together, head lice infestations often occur in epidemics that are limited in time and space. NYDA® express fights head lice purely physically without neurotoxins and is therefore even suitable for babies and small children.


Not every remedy against lice and nits can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. NYDA ® preparations can be used to effectively combat parasites without worrying about the baby's well-being.


If someone in the family is infested with head lice, it is recommended that the hair of each family member be thoroughly cleaned with a lice comb (e.g. NYDA ® lice and nit comb). If an active head lice infestation is found, the affected persons should be treated with NYDA ® on the same day be treated express to avoid re-infection among each other.


Why must NYDA ® express can be used on dry hair?

NYDA ® express fights head lice and their eggs by penetrating their breathing openings and closing them, causing suffocation. Since water has a higher surface tension than NYDA ® express, it cannot penetrate the head louse's respiratory system. If NYDA ® express is used on wet hair, the product becomes diluted and can no longer develop its effect. Successful treatment can therefore only be guaranteed when used on dry hair.

Why should a second treatment with NYDA ® be carried out after 8 to 10 days? express?

This procedure is related to the life cycle of head lice. Head lice eggs are very resilient. With some head lice remedies, it is therefore possible that some head lice eggs are not yet destroyed during the first treatment. Since larvae hatch from their eggs after 7 to 8 days, it is necessary to check the hair again after 8 to 10 days. Repeated treatment after 8 to 10 days can kill the young lice that have hatched from the remaining eggs in the meantime. This second treatment is based on a recommendation from the Robert Koch Institute and aims to break the life cycle of head lice. This recommendation applies to all head lice remedies, even if they are highly effective after just one treatment.

What exactly are Dimeticones?

Dimeticones are a group of so-called linear polydimethylsiloxanes, silicone oils, which are colorless, odorless and water-repellent liquids. They have a low surface tension and can therefore wet most surfaces, which is crucial for the physical effect against head lice. The ability to penetrate even the smallest openings is what makes them so effective against lice and nits. The dimeticones flow into the breathing openings (spirals) of the parasites, displace the air there and thus suffocate them.

Dimeticones are toxicologically harmless. They are not absorbed by the skin or mucous membranes. In medicines and cosmetics, they are used as ingredients for skin protection ointments, hair styling products, perfume and toothpaste. They are even used in babies as a remedy for flatulence.

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NYDA express against lice & nits

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