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octenisept® Aqueous antiseptic for wounds and mucous membranes

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octenisept® Solution

Aqueous wound and mucous membrane antiseptic.

  • broad antiseptic spectrum of action

  • rapid onset of action from 1 minute

  • good skin and mucous membrane compatibility

  • suitable for infants and premature babies

  • safe use during pregnancy (from the 4th month)¹

  • painless and colorless application

application areas

wound treatment

Antiseptic treatment of traumatic, acute, chronic, surgical and burn wounds.

mucosal antiseptic

  • before diagnostic and surgical interventions in the ano-/uro-genital and vaginal area (e.g. before the insertion of IUDs, before pre-, intra- and post-natal manipulations or before the obliteration of hemorrhoids) and in the oral area (e.g. before tooth extractions or curettage)
  • before placing transurethral disposable and permanent catheters
  • to the preop. Skin antisepic in the area close to the mucous membrane


  • for antimicrobial whole-body washing in MRSA-colonized patients 2,3

Application note

  • Mucous membrane and skin areas in the application area must be evenly and thoroughly wetted with the antiseptic.
  • Swab method: Wipe mucosal and skin surfaces with soaked swabs under aseptic conditions. This method is preferable due to the anatomical and physiological conditions on the mucous membrane.
  • Spray method: octenisept ® Can also be sprayed directly onto hard-to-reach skin and mucous membrane areas (make sure to moisten evenly!).
  • octenisept® can also be used for mouthwash.


100g solution contains: Medicinally active ingredients: 0.1g octenidine dihydrochloride, 2.0g phenoxyethanol (Ph.Eur.)

Other ingredients:

(3-coco fatty acid amidopropyl)dimethylazaniumyl acetate, sodium D-gluconate, glycerol 85%, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, purified water

special instructions

  • In order to avoid tissue damage, the preparation must not be injected deep into the tissue using a syringe. The preparation is only intended for superficial use (applying with a swab or spraying).
  • octenisept® do not swallow in large quantities or allow it to enter the bloodstream, eg through accidental injection.
  • octenisept® do not mix with other preparations.
  • octenisept® Do not use PVP-iodine-based antiseptics on adjacent skin areas as severe brown to purple discoloration may occur.
  • Bandages and incision foils can be removed after octenisept ® be created.
  • When using octenisept ® In rare cases, a temporary burning sensation can occur as a subjective symptom.
  • octenisept® can be warmed up to body temperature.
  • octenisept® should no longer be used after the expiration date. After opening the container, use octenisept ® Do not use for more than 3 years, but not beyond the expiry date. octenisept® Keep out of the reach of children.
  • The basic rule is: The use of all medicines within the first trimester of pregnancy should be carried out under strict indications and medical supervision.
  • Microbiological effectiveness of specific germs was determined in in-vitro tests.

¹ Briese et al. (2010): Efficacy and tolerability of a local acting antiseptic agent in the treatment of vaginal dysbiosi during pregnancy; in Arch Gynecol Obste
² Krishna BVS, Gibb AP (8.1.2010): Use Of Octenidine Dihydrochloride In Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Decolonization Regimens: A Literature Review, Journal of Hospital Infection, 74, 199-203
³ There is no sufficient experience with premature babies and newborns with immature skin (e.g. limited skin barrier function).

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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octenisept® Aqueous antiseptic for wounds and mucous membranes

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