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OHROPAX soft foam plugs - 10 pieces

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Experience the special feeling of well-being with OHROPAX SOFT and enjoy the moment when you relax with ease.

OHROPAX SOFT are soft, anatomically shaped earplugs made from skin-friendly special foam. Due to their subtle skin color, they are hardly noticeable. They gently expand in the ear canal and unfold their noise-protective effect comfortably and reliably.

What proves itself every day under the tough requirements of occupational safety at high noise levels also gives you a luxurious island of silence in your private life.

OHROPAX SOFT can be used in many ways: at work, for concentrated reading, for DIY and with loud music. Also recommended for relaxation and an undisturbed sleep.

Since the sound insulation curve is relatively linear over the entire frequency range, there are only slightly different sound perceptions. An advantage especially when enjoying music.

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OHROPAX soft foam plugs - 10 pieces

€3,50 EUR
€2,67 EUR

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