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THERMACARE back covers S-XL

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This is how ThermaCare relieves muscular back pain

ThermaCare heat packs develop the recommended therapeutic deep heat of 40°C over a period of at least 8 hours.

The ThermaCare heat therapy thus combines the positive effects of long-term heat and deep heat in a special way for targeted and effective relief of back pain in the lower back area.

In addition, the heat envelope adapts very well to the lower area of ​​your back, so that the heat is conducted directly to the painful area. The thermal envelope is thin enough to be worn discreetly under your clothing.

Instructions for using ThermaCare

Begin the treatment as soon as the first signs of muscular neck pain, back pain or tension become noticeable. Early treatment can quickly relieve the pain before it interferes with your everyday life.

Only open the packaging just before use.

Remove ThermaCare from the airtight bag. This activates the heat cells.

Place the ThermaCare wrap with the dark side of the heat cells directly on the skin over the painful area and close the Velcro on the front of your body. It may take approximately 30 minutes for the envelope to reach the required temperature.

If necessary, adjust ThermaCare again while wearing it in order to achieve the best possible wearing comfort and optimal effect.

For pain relief, you should wear the wrap continuously for at least 3 hours. You can get the best effect by wearing over 8 hours.

Dispose of the used envelope, whether cold or warm, in your normal household waste.

Thanks to the new, optimized, stretchy shape, the heat envelope for the lower back area adapts optimally and precisely to every waist circumference.

This product is a medical device.

Vendor/manufacturer address

Angelini Pharma Deutschland GmbH
Elsenheimerstr. 45
80687 Munich

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For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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THERMACARE back covers S-XL

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