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Vitamin B complex ratiopharm capsules

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How can an increased need for B vitamins manifest itself?

Frequent tiredness or listlessness does not always come from too little sleep or overexertion. The reason can also be an increased need for B vitamins. Stress, dieting, loss of appetite as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to a higher need - as can intensive sporting activities. In such situations, you should pay particular attention to your vitamin B balance and, if necessary, support it with a dietary supplement. The vitamin B complex ratiopharm ® contains all 8 B vitamins. With just one capsule a day, you provide your body with enough. Vitamin B-Complex ratiopharm ® is free from lactose, gluten and sugar.

Vital for many processes in the body: B vitamins

The 8 B vitamins work and support each other in their functions. The vitamin B complex includes vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. If just one B vitamin is missing, the interaction of the other B vitamins in the body can be negatively influenced. B vitamins are among the water-soluble vitamins. This means that the body usually cannot store them. Therefore, they should be ingested daily with food. Good vitamin B suppliers are, for example, whole grain products, legumes, dairy products and meat. If the daily requirement is not covered by food, it can make sense to take a dietary supplement. The vitamin B complex ratiopharm ® contains all 8 B vitamins. One capsule daily is enough to supply the body with sufficient nutrients.

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Vitamin B complex ratiopharm capsules

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