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Voltaren Dolo 25mg tablets, painkillers for back pain

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Small tablet, big effect! Voltaren Dolo works quickly, stops the pain and fights the inflammation as the cause of the pain. Voltaren tablets like Voltaren Dolo are the alternative to using pain gels for anyone who travels a lot

Dual effect against pain

Voltaren Dolo is a small tablet that treats pain. Thanks to its dual effect, it effectively combats inflammation and ensures rapid pain relief and combats e.g. B. Pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders and muscle pain.
Thanks to its quick and effective effect, Voltaren Dolo brings you back the joy of movement. The tablet for back pain.

Also try Voltaren pain gel forte for acute back and joint pain

Voltaren Dolo works well for muscle pain. Would you rather combat acute back or joint pain with a gel?
Then try Voltaren Pain Gel forte, which relieves pain for up to 12 hours, fights inflammation and accelerates healing - all in a gel that is applied directly to the painful area and has fewer systemic side effects than a tablet.

Mandatory text

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
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Voltaren Dolo 25mg tablets, painkillers for back pain

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