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Why the leading online pharmacies are based in the Netherlands.

Why do leading online pharmacies prefer the Netherlands to Germany?

The rapid development of the online pharmacy market has attracted many leading companies in recent years. But why have some of the most prominent online pharmacies chosen to be based in the Netherlands, while Germany also appears attractive as a large market for healthcare services? In this post we will take a look at the reasons that have made the Netherlands a prime location for thriving online pharmacies. From the regulatory environment to the culture of innovation to the logistics infrastructure - all these factors play an important role in the location decisions of leading online pharmacies

  1. Easier to regulate and lift third-party ownership: The Netherlands has clear and transparent rules for online drug sales, making it easier to enter the market. A key factor is the lifting of the pharmacy ban on third-party ownership in the Netherlands, which allows investors and companies to set up and own pharmacies. According to a study by Zorginstituut Nederland, the Netherlands Institute for Health Insurance, the third-party ownership ban was lifted in 2007 to encourage competition and give consumers a better choice of pharmacies and services.

  2. Lower barriers: The Netherlands offers lower barriers for online pharmacies to enter the market compared to Germany. This has been set by the Dutch government as a strategy to boost innovation and digital health services, as outlined in various government publications such as "Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency".

  3. Greater E-Commerce Experience: The Netherlands has a long tradition in e-commerce and is known for its strong digital economy. According to a study by Statista on e-commerce usage in Europe, the Netherlands is among the leading countries in terms of the share of online shoppers in the total population.

  4. Greater focus on innovation: Dutch culture encourages innovation and technological advances. This is also evident in the healthcare industry, where digital solutions, including online pharmacies, are being promoted to improve patient care. This is reflected in various health strategies of the Dutch government, such as the Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate and other health authorities.

  5. Better international accessibility: Due to its central location in Europe, the Netherlands offers better accessibility to other European markets. This enables leading online pharmacies to have a greater reach and makes it easier to export medicines to other countries.

  6. Efficient logistics: The well-developed logistics infrastructure of the Netherlands enables fast and reliable deliveries, which is of great importance for online pharmacies. This is confirmed by various reports from companies and logistics experts as found in business magazines and industry analyses.

Although Germany is undoubtedly a large market, many leading online pharmacies choose the Netherlands as their location of choice due to the advantages mentioned. The combination of simpler regulation, lifting of the third-party ownership ban, lower barriers, extensive e-commerce experience, culture of innovation and better international accessibility makes the Netherlands an attractive destination for thriving online pharmacies.