Die Jagd nach Ambrosia: Wie man sich vor der schlimmsten saisonalen Allergie schützt!

The hunt for ragweed: how to protect yourself from the worst seasonal allergy!

As pharmacists, we see more allergy complaints every year, especially during ragweed season.

Ragweed is a plant native to North America and is becoming increasingly common in Europe. Its flowering period begins in August and lasts until October, which is a very uncomfortable time of year for many people.

Ragweed pollen is extremely aggressive and can cause severe allergic reactions such as asthma attacks, difficulty breathing, watery eyes, sneezing and skin rashes. It's important to protect yourself from ragweed pollen if you're allergic to it.

Here is some advice that may help you:

1. Keep track of pollen count forecasts: Most weather services offer pollen count forecasts that can help you know when pollen counts will be high. Avoid going outside on these days, especially in the morning and when there is no wind.

2. Close windows and doors: It is important to keep your windows and doors closed, especially between 5am and 10am when pollen levels are at their highest.

3. Use air conditioning: Air conditioning can help reduce pollen levels in your home or office. However, be sure to change the filters regularly to keep the air clean.

4. Wash your hands regularly and change your clothes after you have been outside to reduce pollen levels.

5. Use nasal sprays and eye drops: If you suffer from allergy symptoms, nasal sprays and eye drops can help relieve your symptoms. Ask your pharmacist which products are suitable for your needs.

If you have severe allergic reactions, you should tell your doctor about immunotherapy or other treatment options.

Overall, allergy sufferers find ragweed season challenging, but with some simple tips you can protect yourself and ease your symptoms.
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